Monday Top Headlines

No Super Bowl kneeling, Pentagon's new nuclear strategy, Episcopals defy God, gun ban struck, and more.

Political Editors · Feb. 5, 2018
  • No players kneel during national anthem at Super Bowl (The Hill)

  • Black Lives Matter protesters arrested after blocking light rail to Super Bowl (The Washington Times)

  • Mexican immigrant without license accused in DUI death of Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson (The Washington Times)

  • “Dreamer” talks aim to end budget impasse (The Wall Street Journal)

  • Pentagon unveils new nuclear weapons strategy, ending Obama-era push to reduce U.S. arsenal (The Washington Post)

  • U.S. starts Iraq drawdown after declaration of victory over the Islamic State (Associated Press)

  • U.S. Episcopal diocese refuses to use God’s preferred gender pronoun (The Daily Wire)

  • Ban on guns near parks violates the Second Amendment, Illinois Supreme Court says (Reason)

  • Good Samaritan with a gun comes to the aid of Utah police officer under attack (Hot Air)

  • The parents of this dead robber are really mad his victim had a gun (The Truth About Guns)

  • Beware: the United Nations is taking aim at ammo (Fox News)

  • Humor: Nation fondly remembers time when liberals advocated for government transparency (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: What to expect from the Jerome Powell era at the Fed (Washington Examiner)

  • Policy: Settled nutritional science just got blown up (Investor’s Business Daily)

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