Wednesday Top Headlines

SCOTUS denies gun challenge, U.S. isn't the worst, NoKos cancel, Russian trolls, and more.

Political Editors · Feb. 21, 2018
  • Trump directs Justice Department to ban bump stocks (National Review)

  • Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to California gun waiting period (NBC News)

  • Gun control groups take out New York Times ad naming lawmakers who have accepted NRA donations (The Hill)

  • Sorry, despite gun control advocates’ claims, U.S. isn’t the worst country for mass shootings (Investor’s Business Daily)

  • Fact check: Have over 1,600 “mass shootings” occurred since Sandy Hook? (The Daily Signal)

  • At least seven people have been charged with copycat threats since the Florida school shooting (Time)

  • Mass shooting plot for SoCal high school thwarted by alert security guard (CBS News)

  • One incident of millions: Good guy with a gun saves mother and daughter who were being attacked (The Daily Wire)

  • Indictment reveals Russian influence operation primarily targeted Clinton (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Russian trolls tweeted disinformation long before U.S. election (The Wall Street Journal)

  • North Korea canceled secret meeting with Pence at Olympics (The Hill)

  • Jim Mattis makes recommendations on Trump’s transgender troop ban (Washington Examiner)

  • Baltimore is the nation’s most dangerous city (USA Today)

  • Humor: Federal government launches GoFundMe campaign to pay off $20 trillion national debt (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: New health policy would make coverage options more affordable (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: International Space Station better off in private hands (E21)

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