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Monday Top Headlines

Real debt is $88.9T, Obama's "stand down," Trump's pardon, plan to stop school shootings, and more.

Political Editors · Mar. 12, 2018
  • Treasury report: True U.S. government shortfall is $88.9 trillion, an average of $704K per household (PJ Media)

  • “Stand down”: How the Obama team blew the response to Russian meddling (Yahoo News)

  • Trump pardons sailor who invoked “Clinton defense” in trial (Bloomberg)

  • Judge tells Trump to pretend to listen to Twitter haters (Reason)

  • Trump tariffs cost five jobs for every single job gained, analysis finds (The Daily Signal)

  • After tariffs, Trump to punish China for intellectual property theft (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Xi Jingping cleared to rule indefinitely as China officially scraps term limits (The Washington Post)

  • WH: Trump won’t meet with Kim Jong-un until actions match the words and rhetoric (CNS News)

  • Trump’s plan to combat school shootings includes allowing armed teachers, federal commission, review of FBI tip line (The Washington Times)

  • Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott signs sweeping gun bill, NRA sues and critics on both sides abound (Miami Herald)

  • Baltimore approves spending of $200,000 to pay lawyers to help illegals fight deportations (The Baltimore Sun)

  • Cost for California bullet train system rises to $77.3 billion — $13 billion over budget and four years late (Los Angeles Times)

  • Policy: Trump agrees to meet with Kim Jong-un; here’s what he needs to do now (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: Minimum income is not a right (American Enterprise Institute)

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