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Citibank Joins Leftist Anti-Gun Brigade

The Big Bank enacted a new policy restricting any business partners from selling firearms to anyone under 21.

Culture Beat · Mar. 23, 2018

Citibank joined the leftist anti-Second Amendment virtue-signaling crowd by announcing Thursday its new business policy. The company’s website declared, “Our new policy centers around [sic] current firearms sales best practices that will guide those we do business with as a firm.” Citibank will now require any company using its services to “restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age” and to not sell “bump stocks or high-capacity magazines.” There was no clarification by Citibank as to what constitutes a “high-capacity magazine.” Citibank further explained, “This policy will apply across the firm, including to small business, commercial, and institutional clients, as well as credit card partners, whether co-brand or private label.” However, Citibank noted that its new policy “doesn’t impact the ability of consumers to use their Citi cards at merchants of their choice.”

Trying to claim that the new policy decision was not designed to combat Americans’ Second Amendment rights, the company stated, “Today, our CEO announced Citi is instituting a new U.S. Commercial Firearms Policy. It is not centered on an ideological mission to rid the world of firearms. That is not what we seek.” Yeah, right. In fact, Citibank will actively seek to pressure other companies to follow its lead, saying that it hopes “to leverage collective action to encourage responsible practices by all who sell firearms” to not sell guns to those under the age of 21, in order to “keep guns out of the hands of those who wish to do harm.” So all those under the age of 21 are aiming to do harm?

No, this ploy by Citibank is the next frontier in the assault on Americans’ Second Amendment rights — all under the guise of “protecting Americans” from “gun violence.”

Finally, a couple of footnotes. First, recall that if it wasn’t for the $180 billion bailout from taxpayers in 2008, Citibank may not be in existence today. Second, come to think of it, maybe everyone under the age of 21 should be banned from owning a credit card. It would save many young Americans from loads of unnecessary and irresponsible debt.

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