Comey and the LeBron James Model

Attempting to make the MSM's new poster boy lovable by portraying him as a neighborly sports fan.

Lee Crockett · Apr. 18, 2018

This week’s poster boy for the Leftmedia’s pre-midterm election Trump-smearing campaign is, obviously, James Comey. Yes, the same James Comey who Democrat Party leaders universally denounced before the 2016 election and blamed for Hillary Clinton’s upset loss after the election.

But the public reception of Comey’s self-adoring anti-Trump memoir, and the subsequent MSM parade, did not sit as well as hoped with most Americans. In fact, the RNC’s “Lyin’ James Comey” counter-campaign has been so successful that the MSM has had to find new ways to make Comey “likeable” in order to promote their relentless anti-Trump agenda.

Enter … LeBron James?

In an exclusive Good Morning America (GMA) follow-up interview Tuesday with George Stephanopoulos, Comey pandered to anybody who was still listening, this time with a little populist celebrity appeal. According to Comey, “LeBron James … a man I’ve never met, I resemble only in being the same height” (insert laugh track) was his management example and role model for his tenure as FBI director. In a jam-packed GMA news hour that also featured coverage of how to cook chef Marcus Samuelsson’s new chicken salad recipe as well as WWE star John Cena’s recent breakup with his fiancé, Comey’s “post-interview interview” attempted to make the MSM’s new poster boy lovable again by portraying him as a neighborly sports fan.

Of course, Comey has always been a basketball fan — even lying about playing for his alma mater William and Mary, which he later admitted after being called out for it. Notably, a tepid WaPo review of his book questions if he “lives up to” the “ethical leadership” standard he projects, and calls his admission about many little lies “almost comical.”

Forget about the fact that LeBron James was and remains a die-hard Clinton supporter, even introducing her as “President Hillary Clinton” at a Cleveland campaign rally just before her 2016 defeat. Forget about Comey’s obvious adoration for Clinton and his subsequent deep-state initiative to remove Trump from office. Forget about the fact that the nation’s former top cop is now instructing citizens on how they should vote in the 2020 election.

The GMA interview affirms the MSM’s unrelenting agenda to tear down Trump by building up anyone and everyone who will assail him, no matter how credible. If James’s Cavaliers stop losing basketball games, perhaps he will receive an invitation to appear on GMA and become the next poster boy du jour for their agenda.

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