Tuesday Short Cuts

"These [Gaza] demonstrations would be better described as suicide-riots." —Weekly Standard

Political Editors · May 15, 2018

Insight: “What is the fairest fruit of the English Tree of Liberty? The security of our rights and of the law, and that no man shall be brought to trial where there is a prejudice against him.” —Thomas Erskine (1750-1823)

Good questions: “On what basis has the Justice Department concealed passages and references to government officials from these significant conversations [texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page]? Are Justice and the Bureau claiming that the redactions are necessary because the information is classified — even though we’re talking about communications between highly trained intelligence officials? And if that is the claim, are they telling us that Hillary Clinton was investigated — and given a pass — for the unauthorized transmission of classified information by FBI officials who were themselves actively engaged in the unauthorized transmission of classified information? The Strzok-Page texts rate a lot more attention, and a lot more transparency.” —Andrew McCarthy

For the record: “In ordinary English usage, a protest is a collective action or gesture meant to bring pressure on a government or corporate entity. The Gaza ‘protests’ are meant to bring pressure on Israel, but they’re intended mainly to kill and maim both Israelis and the Palestinian ‘protesters’ themselves. These demonstrations would be better described as suicide-riots.” —Weekly Standard editorial

A tale of two presidents:

Exhibit A: “Gas prices are once again dominating the national debate. But despite rhetoric, high gas prices aren’t hurting as much as they used to.” —"Rising gas prices aren’t as bad as you think,“ CNN, March 21, 2012

Exhibit B: "Crude oil and gasoline prices are on the rise after President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. Now, many consumers are seeing their extra money go to rising gas prices, potentially undercutting a key pillar of economic growth this year.” —"Higher gas prices are eating into Trump tax cut, trimming spending by Americans,“ USA Today, May 10, 2018

And last… "I think you’re always going to have tension in the Middle East when there’s people who want to kill the Jews and Jews who don’t want to be killed and neither side is willing to compromise.” —Frank J. Fleming

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