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Mueller hits one year, FBI secrets, $2.8 trillion fighting terrorism, Facebook ignorance, and more.

Political Editors · May 17, 2018
  • Mueller’s team of Dem donors under fire as probe hits one-year mark (Fox News)

  • Russia favored Trump in 2016, Senate panel says, breaking with House GOP (The Washington Post)

  • FBI used secret program to gather information on Trump campaign, no judge needed (The Daily Wire)

  • Armed resource officer does his job, stops a would-be school shooter in Illinois (National Review)

  • Since 2002, U.S. has spent $2.8 trillion to fight terrorism (The Washington Times)

  • Senate votes to restore net neutrality rules (ABC News)

  • Speaker Paul Ryan: “The House has prevailed” in court saga over ObamaCare payments (The Washington Times)

  • Michigan State agrees to pay $500 million to Nasser sexual abuse victims (National Review)

  • A new study finds the more people rely on their Facebook feed for news, the less politically knowledgeable they are (Pacific Standard)

  • Chicago community group sues to stop construction on Obama presidential library (The Daily Wire)

  • U.S. births hit lowest number since 1987 (The Wall Street Journal)

  • Boulder, Colorado, unanimously votes to ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines (CBS News)

  • Humor: Hamas terrorist at Gaza border surprised to hear media describe him as peaceful protester (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: Seattle’s war on business won’t help combat homelessness (Independent Women’s Forum)

  • Policy: California’s solar-panel mandate for new homes will keep the cost of living unaffordable (City Journal)

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