Wednesday Top Headlines

Record tax revenue and charity, Tuesday primaries, immigration, Iran, and more.

Publius · Jun. 13, 2018
  • Small business optimism jumps to second-highest level in measure’s 45-year history; tax cuts credited (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Feds collect record individual income taxes through May; still run $532.2B deficit (CNS News)

  • Charitable giving in U.S. tops $400 billion for first time (Associated Press)

  • Proposal to split California into three states makes November ballot (The Washington Times)

  • In primary races, Republican voters rewarded loyalty to Trump (The Wall Street Journal)

  • Trump-basher Mark Sanford, who president called “nothing but trouble,” ousted in key South Carolina primary (Fox News)

  • House GOP will vote on immigration next week, sinking discharge petition (The Hill)

  • At the Pentagon, mass confusion over future of “war games” with South Korea (Washington Examiner)

  • Trump administration condemns Iran’s role in facilitating 9/11 attacks (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Andrew McCabe alleges FBI, Justice Dept. failed to provide information on his firing in lawsuit (CBS News)

  • DOJ takes down 2,300 alleged child sex abusers in massive national operation (The Daily Caller)

  • Juanita Broaddrick book about Clinton rape disappears from Amazon (PJ Media)

  • “Not in my backyard”: Blue state rejects free electricity to avoid seeing a wind farm (Hot Air)

  • AT&T wins court approval to buy Time Warner (CNBC)

  • George H.W. Bush is the first U.S. president to reach 94 (Associated Press)

  • Two women get kicked out of Uber after kiss — but what CNN doesn’t tell you is that the driver was Muslim (CNN)

  • Humor: House Democrats draft legislation that would make it a hate crime to eat at Chick-fil-A (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: Suspending military exercises in South Korea carries risks (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: Subsidies for coal and nuclear will harm taxpayers, ratepayers, and the free market (Washington Examiner)

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