Circling the Wagons for Elizabeth Warren

The Boston Globe and Harvard rally to protect their favorite 2020 presidential candidate.

Political Editors · Sep. 4, 2018

Elizabeth Warren has long insisted that she is of Native American heritage based on little more than family “lore.” We teased her for it during her first Senate run in 2012, and we most recently rebuked her doubling down on the issue for political race-bait points against Donald Trump.

Now her fellow tribesmen at The Boston Globe and Harvard — leftists invested in her agenda — have (to use mixed metaphors) circled the wagons to lend “legitimacy” to her simultaneous claim that this supposed heritage did not help advance her career. After six years of stonewalling, Warren released a trove of documents from her academic record to her friends at the Globe. See how transparent she is?

Dutifully, the Globe’s story, “Ethnicity not a factor in Elizabeth Warren’s rise in law,” used those documents and interviews with Warren and her former colleagues in academia to purportedly debunk the “narrative” of her “political enemies.” Yet the story proceeds to admit that she did use her “minority” status for gain in her academic career.

Essentially, the Globe and her Harvard cronies are splitting hairs. Warren may not have used her heritage in interviews for jobs, but that’s likely because it might have led to someone disproving the claim, ending her little charade too quickly. But it’s unquestionable that she used it to advance her career.

“My family is my family, but my background played no role in my getting hired anywhere,” Warren protested. Well, you know, other than when she played up that “background” while employed at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard. The latter, according to the Boston Herald, “prominently touted Warren’s Native American background … in an effort to bolster their diversity hiring record.” She was also featured as Native American in The Harvard Crimson in 1996.

This story might be little more than a flash in the pan if Warren wasn’t still trying to advance her career with such identity politics. And no matter the blood in her veins, the saga speaks poorly of her honesty and character.


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