Friday Short Cuts

"It's good to remember there's a multibillion dollar industry based on keeping you in a perpetual state of stupidity, rage, resentment, and paranoia." —David Burge

Political Editors · Nov. 2, 2018

Food for thought: “At my church in suburban Washington, D.C., a police officer parks his car in a prominent place each Sunday morning. He is positioned inside the building as a precaution. Church leaders have developed an escape plan should it become necessary. What a judgment on a culture that we now have to consider such things at places that once were thought to be houses of God, but increasingly appear under assault by the Devil.” —Cal Thomas

For the record: “We don’t do stunts.” —Defense Secretary James Mattis on sending troops to the border

Braying Jackass: “[Democrats] are working to make certain that the agenda of the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history will go nowhere because Democrats will control the House and the Senate.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT)

Alpha Jackass: “Why are Trump folk fighting the idea that their campaign message is fear and loathing? It’s the truth. Identify enemies threatening to create more carnage, as Trump put it in his inaugural speech. Then demonize, like with [illegal immigrants]. Create a farce that they are an invading force filled with dealers and murderers. Whip up as much xenophobia and conflict as he can. Democrats are evil. The media is the enemy of the people. That is a phrase propagated by Stalin and used by Hitler. The president says he’s a nationalist. Again, we know where this comes from.” —CNN’s Chris Cuomo

Backwards thinking: “Not promoting violence, voting against it. You will never see me raising a fist. I’m a pacifist. My words were taken out of context. I’m worried about the blood of the dissent, protesters, more children shot at school, people shot while praying, for who they love and who they are.” —actor James Cromwell responding to criticism of his earlier remark: “If we don’t stop [Trump] now, then we will have a revolution for real.”

And last… “From time to time, it’s good to remember there’s a multibillion dollar industry based on keeping you in a perpetual state of stupidity, rage, resentment, and paranoia.” —David Burge

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