Is Mueller's Investigation Wrapping Up?

The special prosecutor recommends no jail time for Flynn. Meanwhile, Grassley reminds us of Clinton.

Thomas Gallatin · Dec. 5, 2018

With Tuesday’s recommendation from Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller that the court not sentence Michael Flynn to any jail time for perjury due to Flynn’s “substantial” cooperation with the Mueller’s team, many media pundits have concluded this signals that the investigation is about to wrap up. Yahoo News’s Michael Isikoff reported, “Mueller’s prosecutors have told defense lawyers in recent weeks that they are ‘tying up loose ends’ in their investigation, providing the clearest clues yet that the long-running probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election may be coming to its climax, potentially in the next few weeks.”

Given the movement on Flynn and others in the Trump orb, it does indeed appear that Mueller is winding down his investigation. It’s also important to note that the only criminal charges directly related to the investigation into Russian election meddling were leveled against Russians — Russians with no ties to Donald Trump. The only charges brought against Americans and members of Trump’s campaign team are for lying during the investigation. In other words, there are as of yet no charges that directly support the Trump/Russia collusion narrative.

However, in Mueller’s heavily redacted Flynn sentencing recommendation, there is one possibly significant statement that some are speculating may implicate Trump. Mueller notes that Flynn’s cooperation was helpful in three probes, including a criminal one. Could the target of this probe for an unnamed crime be Trump? Time will tell, though that seems unlikely.

Meanwhile, there’s more news on the real Russia-collusion story that the mainstream media has intentionally downplayed and ignored. On Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray as well as the Justice Department’s internal watchdog, Michael Horowitz, demanding information and answers on a recent raid of a former FBI contractor’s home. That contractor is Dennis Nathan Cain, who claimed that he was under protected status as a whistleblower and that Horowitz was aware of this status. The FBI says it conducted the raid to recover stolen federal property. And what was that stolen federal property? Evidently it was documents related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s corrupt Uranium One deal with Russia.

Also on Monday, Grassley alleged that Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, the firm hired by Clinton to produce the infamous anti-Trump dossier, lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee in August 2017 when he answered that he “had no client after the election.” This answer runs counter to a report in April in which a former staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Daniel Jones, told the FBI that Fusion GPS was working with him to “continue exposing Russian interference” after the election. So clearly either Simpson or Jones is lying. Will this generate any charges?

In any case, it’s interesting once again to contrast the media’s treatment of Clinton’s scandals with Trump’s supposed ones.

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