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Monday Top Headlines

ObamaCare unconstitutional, Mueller tops $25 million, Comey back on Hill, shutdown theater, and more.

Media Editors · Dec. 17, 2018
  • ObamaCare ruled unconstitutional by Texas judge (Fox News)

  • White House shake-up a retooling effort ahead of Democrats’ House takeover (The Washington Times)

  • Mueller memo says Flynn’s lies were “voluntary and intentional” (NBC News)

  • Mueller investigation cost tops $25 million (ABC News)

  • Comey, dubbed “amnesiac with incredible hubris,” back on Hill for new round of grilling (Fox News)

  • Trump picks OMB Director Mick Mulvaney as acting chief of staff (The Daily Wire)

  • Democrats defy Trump shutdown threat: “He is not going to get the wall in any form” (The Washington Times)

  • Government can’t shut down — because 75% is already funded (CNS News)

  • Migrant girl’s relatives dispute official story on her death (Fox News)

  • Nations at UN climate talks back universal emissions rules (NBC News)

  • Gun-related deaths reached 40-year peak in 2017, CDC study finds (Fox News)

  • Top secret report: North Korea keeps busting sanctions, evading sea patrols (NBC News)

  • U.S. makes great strides to help Iraqi Christians, though more remains to be done (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Jon Kyl will resign on Dec. 31, setting up another appointment to John McCain’s seat (AZ Central)

  • Humor: Ninth Circuit Court rules border wall must be “short enough that a pregnant woman carrying a child in each arm could be expected to scale it without difficulty” (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: Why a judge ruled ObamaCare unconstitutional, and what policymakers should do next (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: The right way to overhaul our health care system (The Daily Signal)

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