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Dems Block Scalise's Pro-Gun Testimony

House Democrats attempt to silence Scalise as they push their latest gun-control legislation.

Thomas Gallatin · Feb. 8, 2019

Seeking to peddle their fraudulently named “Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019,” House Democrats refused to allow Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) to offer his testimony and perspective on their latest gun-grabbing effort. Recall that Scalise was nearly killed two years ago when a crazed leftist attacked congressional Republicans as they practiced for the annual baseball game, shooting and injuring several. Were it not for two Capitol Police officers, David Bailey and Crystal Griner, who returned fire against the assailant, Scalise and others would be dead.

In his prepared testimony, Scalise was to argue, “These new gun-control measures being proposed in H.R. 8 would not have prevented any number of recent mass violence events. … Instead, whether intentionally or not, the gun-control proposals in H.R. 8 could turn law-abiding citizens into criminals while also failing to achieve the stated purpose of reducing gun violence.”

Scalise planned to point out that the data simple doesn’t support the Democrats’ justification for their latest draconian gun-control effort, as well as to warn that it would only endanger law-abiding Americans by further encumbering their Second Amendment right to self-defense. “Every single month in America, law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits defend themselves and others against criminals who have guns,” Scalise notes. “For example,” he says, “on January 8th, a man approached a 25-year-old woman in Chicago, displayed a weapon, and attempted to rob her at a bus stop. The woman had a concealed-carry permit. She drew her own weapon and fired a shot, killing the armed robber. The owner of a nearby pharmacy said such violence happens ‘all over’ Chicago. However, in this case, the intended victim was able to defend herself with her own gun.”

Once again, rather than being honest, Democrats attempt to hide their anti-Second Amendment agenda and cloak it with disingenuous terminology like “commonsense gun-control” as they seek to further erode Americans’ constitutionally protected rights. In doing so, they weren’t about to give the floor to a real Second Amendment advocate who’s life had been saved by good guys with guns.

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