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Unplanned Parenthood

We have all heard the quote, "If you fail to plan you plan to fail." Well, it's time to plan better.

Willie Richardson · Mar. 6, 2019

During a recent conversation, I spoke with two mothers who work in early childhood education concerning the state of children in America and a compelling question came to mind: What is the purpose for children today? As I listened to them describe the parents of the children they deal with, I came to the conclusion that children are a nuisance to society. Many moms cannot wait to push them out of the womb and then push them out of the door at age 18.

We have all heard the quote, “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” The organization called Planned Parenthood takes this to another level. Since many parents do not plan for children, they set their own children up for failure. Planned Parenthood makes a profit from the wombs of women who never had a plan for parenthood; also known as abortion. Sadly, abortions in the black community have reached alarming rates. According to The Wall Street Journal, black women accounted for 13% of the female population in 2014, but received 36% of abortions in the U.S.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t support planning parenthood; it supports the extraction of babies so that women and men will not become parents. Wherever blood is shed, you can bet there is money to be made, either legally or illegally. In this case, abortion is the legal bloodshed of innocent babies for the exchange of filthy lucre. Planned Parenthood accounts for one-third of all abortions in America.

When you have a purpose, there is usually a plan. Let’s be honest — many children are not planned even with married couples. However, there is usually a means to an end once mature couples see those two blue lines on the pregnancy test. Without a plan of action for our children, there are money-hungry leeches that create deceptive organizations like Planned Parenthood that hide behind “women’s health” or “reproductive rights.” There is nothing “reproductive” about aborting a fetus in the womb.

Children are a blessing from God, so how dare we decide the fate of babies before birth? It’s time to begin to plan for the future of our children and not leave them in the hands of abortionists.

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