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"Our friends in the other party will never forgive us for our success, and are doing everything in their power to rewrite history." —Ronald Reagan

Political Editors · Mar. 18, 2019

The Gipper: “Our friends in the other party will never forgive us for our success, and are doing everything in their power to rewrite history.” —Ronald Reagan

Friendly fire: “The Democrats made a terrible decision when they announced that they had turned down Fox News’s offer to host one of their 2020 primary debates, saying that Fox was nothing more than propaganda. … Republicans never shy away from coming on this show, and they come with a smile on their face despite knowing that the only people in the crowd cheering them on are the three campaign aides they brought with them. … The audience is against them and they don’t care — it’s an opportunity to expose people to your side of the story.” —Bill Maher

Non Compos Mentis: “America is to white nationalism what Saudi Arabia is to jihadism.” —New Republic contributing editor Jeet Heer

Race bait: “The air that Americans breathe isn’t equal. Blacks and Hispanics disproportionately breathe air that’s been polluted by non-Hispanic whites, according to a study. This new research quantifies for the first time the racial gap between who causes air pollution — and who breathes it. ‘Pollution is disproportionately caused by whites, but disproportionately inhaled by black and Hispanic minorities,’ the study said.” —USA Today

Race bait II: “The New Zealand shooting was inspired by the hate America is exporting. We need to deal with that reality.” —Center for American Progress’s Simon Clark

Non sequitur: “I am triggered by those who piled on Representative Ilhan Omar and incited a hate mob against her until she got assassination threats now giving condolences to our community. What we need you to do is reflect on how you contribute to islamophobia and stop doing that.” —Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour

And how is a gun ban constitutional? “An AR-15 gunshot wound — that high-impact, high-velocity round — will blow a hole through your back the size of an orange. You will bleed to death before anyone can get to you and save your life, because that’s exactly what it was designed to do: to keep that enemy’s soldier down and not claim the life of one of our own. If you own an AR-15, keep it. Continue to use it responsibly and safely. I just don’t think that we need to sell anymore weapons of war into this public.” —Beto O'Rourke

And last… “A reporter literally agreed to not report potentially damaging information about a Democrat in a close race until after the election. And people treat Fox’s and National Enquirer’s actions as if they’re unprecedented and unmatched.” —Tim Carney

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