Dems Continue Beating a Dead Horse

They aim to discredit Barr as he delves into the deep-state conspiracy to oust Trump.

Thomas Gallatin · May 7, 2019

The Left’s collusion narrative was proven a delusion, so why are Democrats still clinging to it? Well, technically they are no longer claiming the crime of collusion; they’ve shifted to an equally vacuous claim that President Donald Trump “obviously” engaged in obstruction of justice. Special Counsel Robert Mueller helped fuel this narrative by refusing to come to a conclusion on the question of obstruction, forcing Attorney General William Barr to make the call. The hope may have been that Barr would waffle over the question, igniting a whole new litany of questions to be spun by the Leftmedia against Trump while Democrats pounded the drum for yet another investigation. Anything to keep an air of criminality surrounding Trump through 2020.

However, Barr has proven to be a straight shooter who’s not afraid to thoughtfully apply the law as written. And therefore, he is dangerous. That’s why Democrats and their cohorts in the Leftmedia are determined to undercut his credibility. Case in point: The Washington Post in a second seemingly coordinated effort with Democrats in as many weeks, released a story Monday claiming “hundreds of former federal prosecutors assert” that “Trump would have been charged with obstruction were he not president.” It’s timed to precede Wednesday’s House vote on holding Barr in contempt.

The Post story highlights an online statement created by the leftist group Protect Democracy that has been signed by some 450 individuals with ties to Washington. The Post attempts to paint the group of signatories as individuals from across the political spectrum, but upon reviewing the list it becomes apparent that those who signed have one thing in common: They are anti-Trump. For example, one of the high-profile signers is Bill Weld, a former U.S. attorney, Reagan Justice Department official, and Massachusetts governor who just happens to be planning a primary challenge to Trump. No agenda there. Or take signer Paul Rosenzweig, who was a member of Ken Starr’s independent counsel team — never mind that Starr publicly supported Barr’s determination on obstruction.

Obviously, the Post is helping Democrats set the narrative, furthering the idea that Barr is a biased defender of Trump rather than an objective arbiter of law and order. This is also an attempt to provide cover for Mueller to throw shade on Barr when he comes to Congress to testify, further justifying Democrat claims that Barr is compromised and should resign.

So, again, why are Democrats continuing to pound the “Trump is a criminal” drum after Mueller’s report found no evidence to support such a conclusion? Do Democrats really believe that their Hate Trump platform is a winning strategy for 2020? While it certainly may play well with their base, it’s not a winning message for the majority of the country. However, there may be much more in play here than merely an election strategy.

The Washington establishment is unnerved by Barr. His no-nonsense approach cuts right through all the political doublespeak and spin to get to the facts and truth. He is a Columbo-type character whose unassuming manner hides a quick analytical mind. Furthermore, Democrats are scared because Barr, who has thus far refused to be manipulated by the elitists in the media and political class, is starting to dig into the whole deep-state conspiracy — the coup attempt by members of the Washington establishment to oust a duly elected president. This is the deeper reason for Democrats’ and the Leftmedia’s attempts to discredit Barr. They are worried he will blow open the whole sordid plot and go after the real conspirators.

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