Dads Make THE Difference

Dads are marginalized by society, but fathers are paramount for raising healthy children.

Willie Richardson · Jun. 12, 2019

The Hebrew word for “father” is “ab.” Abba, meaning “Daddy”, comes from this word. The source of a thing is its “ab” or father. The source of all relationships is at the core of fatherhood. The functions of fatherhood include: Originator, Author, Founder, Source, Sustainer, Protector, Disciplinarian, Leader, Head, Caring One, Creator, or Developer. If these titles sound paramount, it’s because they are. The father’s role is so important and that’s why it’s under attack in our nation.

Fatherhood in America has been torn to shreds through sex outside of marriage, no-fault divorce, and males in men’s clothing who have planted their seeds in women of questionable reputation. According to the U.S. Census, 57.6% of black children, 31.2% of Hispanic children, and 20.7% of white children are living absent their biological fathers. An estimated 24.7 million children (33%) live absent their biological father. If we want to change this patriarchal epidemic, then it must start with our boys being trained early. Boys are being raised by porn and rebellious music all within an effeminate society that tells them that being tender is more important than being tough. Men have to come to the understanding that to be great dads we need both toughness and tenderness.

Dads teach their sons fatherhood by the way they mentally, emotionally, and spiritually groom them. Boys pass down what they caught from their dads, not what they were necessarily taught.

The father is the starter.

Unfortunately, today, dads are marginalized, ostracized, and even demonized into idiot caricatures through the media. This is a major problem, not just for the demeaning image of the father, but for the defaming imagery that children end up grasping. Children are the glory of their fathers. However, for some strange reason on Father’s Day you find single or divorced moms attempting to usurp the honor of fathers.

Dads are dads because they carry the seed. Moms are moms because they carry the egg. The absence of a father can’t be filled by a mother. If a mother spends her energy trying to be the dad, she has not strength to mother properly. We were created to fulfill our God-given roles, not compete for the opposite parent’s position.

Dads are responsible for imparting confidence, courage, and character in their children. The presence of the father is needed. There is no present that can replace his time, love, and passion.

The relationship to your earthly father is a direct connection and link to your relationship with our Heavenly Father. Your earthly father is the first impression you get of God our Father. Many children in America have an absentee dad, so they believe God is truant as well. The godless youth culture we see is a direct reflection of apathetic, antagonistic, and alcoholic dads.

Dads make THE difference! I wish all dads understood their worth to the children. My three children know how important fatherhood is. It’s because I’ve made it my duty to do fathering well. I particularly pray my two sons take the legacy of fatherhood to another generation.

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