Monday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Mark Morgan, Ilhan Omar, E. Jean Carroll, and more.

Political Editors · Jun. 24, 2019

The Gipper: “Government has an important role in helping develop a country’s economic foundation. But the critical test is whether government is genuinely working to liberate individuals by creating incentives to work, save, invest, and succeed.” —Ronald Reagan

For the record: “Its completely inappropriate, it’s reckless, it’s irresponsible, it’s misinformed, and it’s flat out wrong.” —Acting ICE Director Mark Morgan on AOC’s “concentration camps” remark

Friendly fire: “When she analogized institutions used for mass slaughter to legitimate institutions of government, that’s a moral and political obscenity.” —Democrat strategist Doug Schoen

Braying Jenny: “I think a lot of people are conflating what a death camp looks like or a specific removal of people. These people are coming to the border. We are removing them from the border. We are placing them in camps.” —Rep. Ilhan Omar

Non Compos Mentis: “I would find [taking legal action against Trump] disrespectful to the women who are down on the border who are being raped around the clock down there without any protection. As you know, the women have very little protection there. It would just be disrespectful. Mine was three minutes. I’m a mature woman. I can handle it. I can keep going. You know my life has gone on. I’m a happy woman. But for the women down there and, actually, around the world, you know, in every culture this is going on no matter high in society or low in society, it just seems disrespectful that I would bring [charges].” —advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, who alleges Trump raped her in the 1990s

What could possibly go wrong? “We are gonna … create a Medicare for All health-care system which guarantees health care to every man, woman, and child and saves the average American substantial sums of money. … When I talk about health care being a human right, last time I heard that undocumented people are human beings as well.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

And last… “The problem is that college costs have skyrocketed versus inflation due to government interference in loans, and the solution people are proposing is to have the government pay off those loans, giving colleges even less incentive to cut costs. There would be no student debt crisis if colleges hadn’t been fueled into an inflation of costs. If you’re talking about loans and nothing about making colleges reduce costs, despite all you posturing about caring about students, you are a bad person and making things worse.” —Frank J. Fleming

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