Video: Media and Left Attack Trump for 'Racism'

Leftmedia's not reporting the full story and sensationalizing it to make the Right look bad.

Media Editors · Jul. 17, 2019

Anthony Brian Logan says:

Much of the mainstream media and leftist politicians have joined hands to rebuke Trump’s comments on Twitter that spoke of “progressive” Democrat congresswomen’s ancestry. Trump stated that since these women come from countries that are run poorly, that maybe they should return to them to fix their issues, come back and then tell us how it’s done. The media seized on those comments as racist by A. not reporting the full story and B. sensationalizing the story to make the right look bad, as per usual.

While it’s true that only one of the women Trump may have been referring to (members of “The Squad” featuring AOC) came from a country other than America at birth, there is also the case of first generation immigrant Rashida Tlaib who has parents that immigrated from Palestine. While Puerto Rico is an American territory, it is not quite the same as the 50 states and AOC is Puerto Rican. The only person who is of direct 50 states ancestry is Ayanna Pressley.

Nancy Pelosi took time out of her “busy?” schedule to defend AOC and “The Squad” by labeling Trump a racist for not only the most recent Twitter comment but also his border policies. As if border patrol agents all of a sudden are not majority hispanic. Pelosi is in between a rock and a hard place here. She is defending the very same group of people that alluded to racism when it comes to her treatment of them. The end result of all of this may be that Pelosi welcomes in the four horsemen of the DNC apocalypse by constantly having to defend them.

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