Tuesday Short Cuts

Notables quotables from Tim Scott, Ilhan Omar, Deb Haaland, Stacey Abrams, and more.

Political Editors · Aug. 20, 2019

For the record: “The Democratic Party [is attempting] to figure out a way to dupe the African-American voters, not only in South Carolina but around the country, because they really have nothing but empty promises to run on. … There is nothing left to try to reel in the African-American community, because President Trump and the Republican Party has done a very good job of focusing on improving the economic outcome of people who have been struggling for the last decade under the previous administration.” —Sen. Tim Scott

Observations: “The NYT is destroying itself w/ Trump hatred. And it’s ultimately bad for freedom of the press when ‘journalists’ openly revel in being partisan propagandists. When our Nation is so tribalised that each side has their own ‘news’ & ‘facts’ and we don’t even talk to each other.” —Ted Cruz

Braying Jenny I: “We give Israel more than three million [sic] dollars in aid every year. This is predicated on their being an important ally in the region and ‘the only democracy in the Middle East.’ But denying a visit to duly-elected members of Congress is not consistent with being an ally, and denying millions of people freedom of movement or expression or self-determination is not consistent with being a democracy.” —Rep. Ilhan Omar

Braying Jenny II: “I think the focus is the hiding of the truth and hiding that the occupation [of Palestinian land] is happening. I think they knew that us [sic] setting foot [in Israel] would basically bring attention to something that many of us feel is very much against international human rights.” —Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Blame shifting: “Our colleagues that are senior members, some of whom have served multiple terms, actually told us about the organization [sponsoring us]. We’re not the ones who chose the organization. A U.S.-based sponsor organization chose it.” —Rashida Tlaib

Try telling that to Andy Ngo: “It’s not surprising that Trump would side away from the folks who are the peaceful protesters working to safeguard their city from domestic terrorism.” —Rep. Deb Haaland on Portland’s “peaceful” antifa

The BIG Lie: “We have always struggled with voter suppression. But what’s happened in the last 20 years is that it’s gone underground.” —Stacey Abrams

And last… “Racism is not dead, but it is on life support — kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as ‘racists.’” —Thomas Sowell

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