Impeachment 101 Breakdown for Overzealous Liberals

It isn't as straightforward as Democrats would lead their constituents to believe.

Patrick Hampton · Sep. 30, 2019

It would take liberals to celebrate legal processes they don’t understand. Here are the facts about Nancy Pelosi’s call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment and what it means for the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

First, the impeachment process isn’t as straightforward as Democrats would lead their constituents to believe. Sadly, Democrats dangle this proverbial carrot before their voter base, hoping it will distract them from the truth. And it’s working.

The truth: President Trump isn’t getting arrested or locked up (as some naive citizens would believe). And no, opening an impeachment investigation does not automatically lead to removal from office.

At the risk of bursting the ideological bubbles of many, impeachment goes more like this:

  1. Speaker of the House (Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi in this case), would announce the inquiry, which means an investigation will open as to whether not the House will file what is called “articles of impeachment.” (We are currently here.)

  2. The House then needs to file these articles and cast a vote to decide if they will move forward with an impeachment trial. (This has not yet happened.)

  3. After the vote, the motion for impeachment goes to the Senate. Here is where the actual impeachment trial and a review of all evidence against the Executive Office begins, upon which two-thirds of the Senate would need to vote against the president. With Republicans being the Senate majority, this means 20 Republican senators would need to vote against President Trump. In other words, they would need to commit career suicide to move forward with removing the president from office.

In the context of current events, I am happy to stop here, because the next step would be removing Trump from office, which is hardly going to become a reality.

Democrats already know that impeachment isn’t viable. Perhaps this motion is set forth to distract their constituents from the truth — that there is hardly a worthy candidate who can beat Trump in the 2020 election. If Democrats had any shred of confidence, they wouldn’t just throw away their chance at winning the presidency.

Of course, they do this without sharing the bad news with their constituents. In fact, they choose to keep the American public uninformed about how impeachment really works. They’d rather have their voter base dance, pop, and lock, even though Democrats have yet to come up with any sort of solution for ailing black communities, for the homeless and economically disadvantaged, for our education system, etc… They promise nothing else but to beat Trump, and from the look of it, they can’t even offer that.

Regardless, these liberals dance in the streets with excitement about a possible impeachment. But when the music stops playing, Democrats will find themselves further away from the Oval Office than ever before.

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