Tuesday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from C. S. Lewis, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cory Booker, and more.

Political Editors · Oct. 8, 2019

Insight: “I dread government in the name of science. That is how tyrannies come in. In every age the men who want us under their thumb, if they have any sense, will put forward the particular pretension which the hopes and fears of that age render most potent. They ‘cash in’. It has been magic, it has been Christianity. Now it will certainly be science. Perhaps the real scientists may not think much of the tyrants’ ‘science’ — they didn’t think much of Hitler’s racial theories or Stalin’s biology. But they can be muzzled.” —C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)

Non compos mentis: “Mass incarceration is our American reality. It is a system whose logic evolved from the same lineage as Jim Crow, American apartheid, & slavery. To end it, we have to change. That means we need to have a real conversation about decarceration [sic] & prison abolition in this country.” —Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This … changes … everything! “If you come after Joe Biden you’re going to have to deal with me.” —Sen. Cory Booker

Nope: “I am a juror and I want to look at what the articles of impeachment are. I want to look at all the evidence. But I’m just going to tell you, just as an American, this is just not offensive, I think it’s grounds for impeachment.” —Cory Booker

Demo-gogues: “I want those asylum seekers here in this country. I want us to live according to our conscience, to our laws, to our commitments and to the best, boldest, brightest future we could possibly have. Those immigrants pose no threat to you nor to me.” —Beto O'Rourke

Braying jenny: “I’d just like to say to these whistleblowers, and potential whistleblowers, you are the patriots. You’re the ones who care about this country.” —Rep. Maxine Waters

And last… “So the @NBA will boycott Charlotte, NC over transgender bathrooms, but won’t boycott China over Muslim internment camps?” —Liz Wheeler

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