Thursday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Ben Carson, Gary Bauer, Ryan Fournier, Joe Biden, and more.

Political Editors · Oct. 24, 2019

Upright: “This whole concept of political correctness — you can say this, you can’t say that, you can’t repeat what someone said — is total foolishness and it’s going to destroy our nation. And we need to be more mature than that.” —Ben Carson

For the record: “It’s a non-story that Obama pushed countries to redefine marriage or embrace the killing of unborn children as a price of U.S. aid. It’s a non-story that Joe Biden made an explicit quid pro quo involving $1 billion of U.S. aid for the firing of a prosecutor investigating the company that employed his son. But it’s an outrage, an impeachable offense even, that Trump wants to get to the bottom of the corruption that occurred in 2016.” —Gary Bauer

Food for thought: “So Trump can’t use the word ‘lynching,’ but it’s okay for the Left to call him Hitler?” —Ryan Fournier

Policy: “Republicans in the Senate need to pass legislation banning the chemical castration of children. Let Democrats in the House come out in defense of the barbaric practice publicly if they want. Absolute winner of an issue for Repubs. And more importantly it’s the right thing to do.” —Matt Walsh

The BIG Lie: “You know, Donald Trump inherited a strong economy from Barack and me. Things were beginning to really move. And just like everything else he’s inherited, he’s in the midst of squandering it.” —Joe Biden

Braying jackass: “I’m going to start by reversing the Trump tax cuts. … [The] wealthy didn’t need them in the first place.” —Joe Biden

Grand delusions: “When we [enact universal healthcare], there are no more premiums. You’re not paying anymore premiums. No more co-payments. No more deductibles. No more out-of-pocket expenses. And virtually every person in this country will save money on healthcare.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

Race bait: “Let’s review the record. First on diversity and inclusion — Facebook has utterly failed. Facebook’s executive ranks and workforce continue to be mostly white and male.” —Rep. Maxine Waters

And last… “If you don’t think it’s child abuse to chemically castrate a sweet innocent child … by forcing him to take puberty blocking medication that is given to CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS, then I don’t know a more diplomatic way to say this… you are a monster.” —Liz Wheeler

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