Insanity Politics!

Hate makes you do crazy things. And Democrats really hate President Trump.

Roger Helle · Nov. 22, 2019

We all know the definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting different results.” That seems to be the Left’s strategy for impeaching President Donald Trump. We continually hear “the walls are closing in on Trump” or “this time we have the goods on him,” and other gleeful expressions of finally getting rid of the president.

I am a man of faith. I spent 40 years in ministry living by faith. But living by faith doesn’t mean you close your eyes to reality. I have to say, many in the media have much more “faith” than I do. For over two years Adam Schiff told the media he had proof Trump had colluded with Russia; absolute, significant, and in-plain sight proof.

When the Muller Report produced no evidence of collusion, Schiff then had proof of Trump obstructing justice. That didn’t fly, so now he has evidence of a quid pro quo — Trump threatening the president of Ukraine to help Trump’s reelection. I’m guessing the “quid pro quo” allegation didn’t get much traction because we’re all too dumb to know what it means; so now we have evidence of “bribery.” Sounds scarier, doesn’t it?

This Congress, under Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has issued more subpoenas than legislation. You really have to be a person of blind faith to wait in expectation that, this time, Adam Schiff really has the goods on Trump. This is an abuse of the Left’s power.

Hate makes you do crazy things. If you get your news from CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, or The Washington Post exclusively, or if you graduated from a leftist university, I understand why you feel that way. You’ve been indoctrinated with politically biased information.

I am not a financial adviser, economist, or Wall Street expert. But you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that all of the economic indicators show our economy is soaring. Yet turn to one of the networks and you may feel the next recession or depression is just around the corner. The stock market has set 27 records THIS YEAR! Something must be working right.

How insane do people have to be to believe every politician who is running for office when they tell us we’re going to get all kinds of free stuff and someone else is going to pay for it? Can this upcoming generation really be so dumbed down to believe someone else is going to pay off their student loans, give them free healthcare, free phones, and a guaranteed income whether they work or not, and it won’t crash our entire economy?

This is the fight of our lives! As I travel, I meet people who escaped communism or left countries where socialism was beginning to destroy their homeland. They came here legally. They did it right. Now they tell me they can hardly believe their new homeland might elect leaders like the ones they fled from in their country. We still have time to try to show young people what is great about America. But to do nothing going forward is not an option if we wish to remain a free country.

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