Friday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Mark Alexander, Nail Patel, Ilhan Omar, and more.

Jordan Candler · Mar. 20, 2020

Perspective: “The economic devastation that is now playing out before our eyes is not caused by the Wuhan flu virus. In the last 21 days, approximately 162,000 Americans have died. Of that number, 150 were killed by the Wuhan virus.” —John Hinderaker

For the record: “After Donald Trump correctly labeled the China virus the ‘China Virus,’ Leftmedia apologists for Red China labeled him ‘xenophobic.’ We should all be Xi-nophobic!” —Mark Alexander

Observations: “The Chinese Communists, like all Communists, hide societal problems. There is no crime, disease or addiction in the collectivist state. This kind of secrecy and dishonesty can be disastrous, especially in a highly interconnected world. Though millions of Chinese have been lifted out of extreme poverty through free trade, with modernity comes some basic responsibilities — for instance, not killing everyone in the world with preventable zoonotic diseases.” —David Harsanyi

Food for thought: “A challenge like we are facing can be an opportunity for national renewal. Will young people step up to help those in need? Will politicians work together to help get America through this crisis? Will the media pull the plug on the fake controversies for at least a few months? The last one seems pretty unlikely, but two out of three wouldn’t be bad.” —Neil Patel

Hell freezes over: “[Rep. Ayanna Pressley] always says, unprecedented times require unprecedented leadership and we are seeing that in our country right now. I have faith that we will survive this as a nation and build together.” —Rep. Ilhan Omar on Donald Trump

Braying jackass: “President Trump at this point is the Herbert Hoover of his generation.” —Mayor Bill de Blasio (And de Blasio is the Neville Chamberlain of his generation.)

Village idiot: “We need to stop calling it, or labeling it, like it’s ‘[China] did it to us.’ Mother Nature really did it to us.” —"The View’s" Whoopi Goldberg

And last… “I hate to thrust my Western cultural values on anyone, but maybe it’s time to stop eating bats.” —David Harsanyi

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