Thursday News Executive Summary

Pelosi unremorseful, 200th federal judge confirmed, arson suspect freed, and more.

Jordan Candler · Jun. 25, 2020

Above the Fold

  • “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) on Wednesday doubled down on comparisons she made between the Republicans’ proposed legislation reforming police practices and the murder of George Floyd,” The Washington Free Beacon reports. “She told MSNBC she ‘absolutely’ would not apologize for the comparison made Tuesday and said Sen. Tim Scott’s (R., S.C.) legislation would ‘make no difference.’” Pelosi further bellowed, “I think you, frankly, in the press have given them far too much credit for a bill that does nothing. They’re saying, ‘Well, you have your bill. They have theirs.’ Yeah, our bill does something. Theirs does nothing.” During a speech yesterday, Senator Scott remarked, “The actual problem is not what is being offered. It is who is offering it.” And to Pelosi’s George Floyd comparison, he responded, “She knows that she can say that because the Democrats have a monopoly on the black vote.”

  • Fifth Circuit nominee Cory T. Wilson was confirmed by the Senate this week. The confirmation adds not just another constructionist to the bench but also marks a major milestone. Under President Donald Trump, 200 federal judges have now been appointed. The importance of fortifying the courts with constitutionalists will become extremely apparent over the coming months and years as lawlessness and radical activism become increasingly pervasive.

Government & Politics

  • Senate Republicans’ police-reform bill fails on test vote amid Democrats’ political opposition (Fox News)

  • Indict Comey and Brennan: Explosive new FBI notes confirm Obama directed anti-Michael Flynn operation (The Federalist)

  • Republicans demand Pelosi stop distribution of Chinese propaganda on Capitol Hill (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Virus concerns prompt Democrats to hold largely virtual nominating convention (Reuters)

  • A new GOP bill would give each taxpayer $4,000 to take a vacation anywhere in the U.S. through the end of 2021 (Business Insider)

National Security

  • Trump signals U.S. will move troops from Germany to Poland (The Hill)

  • U.S. marshals told to prepare to help protect monuments nationwide (The Washington Post)

  • State Department says Iran is “world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism” in annual report on terrorism (Washington Examiner)

  • FBI Director Christopher Wray says over 2,000 active investigations tied to the Chinese Communist Party (Washington Examiner)


  • U.S. hits highest single day of new cases with more than 45,500, which is inevitably being blamed on Memorial Day reopenings (NBC News)

  • New forecast (which we know are always accurate): 180,000 U.S. deaths of COVID-19 by October (USA Today)

  • Study suggests antibodies could fade quickly (New York Daily News)

  • New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey to require 14-day quarantine for individuals traveling from states hit with coronavirus surge (Fox News)

  • North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper issues statewide mask mandate (The Daily Caller)

  • Bayer reaches over $10 billion settlement in Roundup cancer lawsuits (NBC News)

Business & Economy

  • 1.48 million workers filed for unemployment last week (USA Today)

  • IMF forecasts global GDP will drop 4.9% this year — nearly 2% higher than previous estimate (UK Daily Mail)

  • “We have no choice but to delay”: Disneyland postpones planned July 17 reopening date, with state guidelines still unclear (Fox News)

  • Gun and ammunition sales soar as defund-the-police movement grows (CNN Business)

Culture & Heartland

  • Georgia grand jury indicts three men on murder charges in Ahmaud Arbery shooting (National Review)

  • Mind-boggling: Atlanta Wendy’s arson suspect Natalie White out on $10,000 bond (Fox News)

  • Black Lives Matter leader states that “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it” (Fox News)

  • Planned Parenthood fires top executive over allegations of … racism (Margaret Sanger could not be reached for comment) (The Daily Caller)

  • Boston City Council bans facial recognition technology, cites racial profiling concerns (The Daily Caller)

Other Notables

  • Seattle CHOP zone prompts lawsuit from horror-stricken businesses and residents (Fox News)

  • Seven statues leftists really should want to tear down if they don’t want to be hypocrites (PJ Media)

  • Big Porn cashes in on racism and anti-Semitism (New York Post)

  • America’s top 20 cities for crime and what party runs them (Spoiler alert: Two are “nonpartisan.” The other 18? Well…) (The Daily Signal)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Statue toppling is bringing mob rule to America (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: A clever way for Trump to weaponize the DACA decision (Newsweek)

  • Humor: Cities protecting statues by disguising them as Karl Marx (The Babylon Bee)

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