Omar Calls for Marxist Revolution

The radical leftist demands that our economic and political systems be torn down.

Thomas Gallatin · Jul. 8, 2020

America, as it was founded, is the problem. That was essentially the message of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) yesterday. “We can’t stop at criminal-justice reform or policing reform,” Omar stated. “We are not merely fighting to tear down systems of oppression in the criminal-justice system. We are fighting to tear down the systems of oppression that exist in housing, in education, in healthcare, in employment, [and] in the air we breathe.”

Omar has been a loud proponent for defunding the police. In her call for ending America’s supposed oppression, Omar pressed her Marxist ideology, arguing, “As long as our economy and political systems prioritize profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequality. So we cannot stop at [the] criminal-justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

For someone who as a child escaped Somalia, an East African country steeped in genuine systemic oppression and corruption, one would think she’d know better. Sadly, it appears that the only system Omar believes in is one that grants her and her comrades greater power to rule over the American people in whatever way they choose. A leftist tyranny is their aim.

Clearly, Omar has no love for her adopted homeland, nor any commitment to upholding the Declaration of Independence upon which America was founded, nor the Constitution upon which it was built. Put simply, Omar’s message is none other than a call for a Marxist revolution, for the ending of American exceptionalism and individual liberty. If it isn’t downright treasonous, it’s deeply treacherous.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) certainly saw it this way, because she called for Omar’s resignation. “Ilhan Omar took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution, not shred it. Omar and her Marxist comrades are a threat to our Democracy. Omar should resign.”

If only more Republicans (and Democrats, for that matter) had the fortitude to step up and demand Omar’s resignation as well. Unless they’re held firmly to account, Marxist radicals like Omar will only become more emboldened. Weakness, after all, invites aggression.

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