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Joe Bastardi

The son of a degreed meteorologist, Matt Bastardi Texas A and M, 1965, Joe Bastardi is proof weather runs in his blood. Even his dads Great grandfather was the town weatherman in his village in Sicily in the 1800s, and his son Garrett's goal is to follow in dads weather footsteps (as well as winning on the PGA tour). Born in Providence Rhode Island in 1955, the Bastardi's moved to Texas in 1961 where his father pursued his degree in meteorology. Bastardi graduated from Penn Sate with a degree in meteorology in March 1978, also becoming the only known meteorologist to letter in the sport of wrestling at a division one school, something he says re-enforced the values of competition and challenge his family instilled in him and makes him relentless at his job. He married Jessica Strunck, a 4-year letter winner in gymnastics at PSU and the 1988 team captain, and 20 years the assistant coach of the highly proclaimed womens program. The have a son, Garrett and daughter, Jessie, the former being a scratch golfer already at 16, the latter a level 10 gymnast at 13. Bastardi continues to compete athletically in steroid free bodybuilding, having 7 national titles in the masters division and 2 North American titles. In spite of that, he is seeded last on the ladder in his own house, given the abilities of his wife and kids. He is a strength and nutrition advisor for the Nittany lion Wrestling club post -college members, 3 of which are in the Olympics.

After a 32-year career at Accuweather.com, Bastardi joined Weatherbell analytics in March 2011, and relishes the challenges that competition and capitalism bring about every day, with a young company lead by people with extraordinary vision and drive.

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