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The Center for Vision & Values

America is exceptional because its foundation rests on truth. The passionate pursuit and defense of that truth is the quest of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College as we seek to create a dynamic learning community to connect, educate and empower people to strengthen the faith and freedom foundation of American citizenship and advance liberty around the world.

Herein lies the difference between our approach to the pursuit of personal, political, economic, and religious freedom and the reigning viewpoint in higher education. We believe that God is sovereign. We believe that man is made in His image. We believe the Bible is indispensable to understanding the truth about our relationship to God, to our world, and to each other. These core beliefs ground human dignity and freedom in God’s revealed truth, a truth that animates our mission as we affirm the eternal relevance of Jesus’ challenge in John’s gospel, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

At The Center for Vision & Values, we view a love for truth and a love for liberty as inseparable allies. Liberty cannot long flourish in the absence of truth, and truth is not affirmed where liberty is denied. In fact, America’s extraordinary achievement lies in the essential combination of both truth and liberty. Our love for liberty reflects an historic affirmation of truth in our founding documents and in our laws. Consequently, understanding the relationship between God’s truth and our liberty is not merely an academic exercise, but a vital privilege of Christian stewardship.

Nearly 140 years after its founding, Grove City College remains true to the vision of its founders — a commitment to Christian truth, morality, and freedom. In a sea of change, we remain anchored to the permanent things.

Since 2005, The Center for Vision & Values has become a leading forum for the study and application of freedom to economic, political, social, religious and scientific issues. We invite you to explore our scholarship, attend an upcoming discussion or invest financially in our essential work.

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