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Mission Possible: Restoring the Republic

Murray T. Bass · Mar. 12, 2012

Have you been following the beauty pageant to determine who will be the Republican candidate to oppose Obama? It would be more accurate to call it an ugly pageant. The net effect of the whole program is to distract us from finding a candidate who will have the courage to return America to the vision of the Founding Fathers. To return Essential Liberties to the people.

What was the vision of the Founding Fathers and what are the Essential Liberties we yearn for? The two are related.

An Essential Definition first. Republic.

We are a Republic. We are not a democracy. In a democracy, either direct or representative. the majority has the ultimate power. The individual has none. The Republic envisioned and designed by the Founding Fathers provided for strict limitations on the power of the majority. By design the Republic was created to protect the God given natural rights of individuals. Enumerated powers, division of powers among the federal government, the states and individual citizens. And the separation of powers among the legislative, executive and judicial branches. The ultimate objective was to protect the lives, property and natural rights of individual citizens. When folks talk about the Constitution and the “rule of law”, that’s what it should mean Yes, the “original intent” of our Constitutions was to protect the lives, freedom property and god given rights of individual citizens from the uncontrolled power of the majority. Protections that are not possible over time in a democracy where the majority rules absolutely.

Broadly speaking, those are our Essential Liberties as well. Most Americans – most conservatives – don’t have a clue as to the meaning of the “Rule of Law” and how the Constitution is the cornerstone of it.

So what should we do to return to the Republic fashioned by the Founding Fathers? To return to the “Rule f Law”?

Step one is for all of us to understand what it is we are fighting for The simple definition here will be a good foundation to our mission statement.

Step two is to define our objectives to fulfill our mission. What do we have to do? Select a presidential candidate who endorses and will lead us in the direction we must go. Support that candidate. At this stage, do not compromise.

Select and elect candidates for legislative positions in the House and Senate who will support our mission without compromise.

Step 3. Identify and define the individual components needed to more towards Essential Liberties and the Rule of Law.

Eliminate those federal departments which are not included in the enumerated powers.

Redefine our Immigration policy to control the entry of foreign nationals and. Include positive immigration policies which will restore vitality to America. Enforce the law strictly. Make safe havens a criminal offense.

Require that branches of government function within the original intent of the Constitution. Make failure to comply with their oaths of office an impeachable offense for members of all branches.

Apply oath of office rules to the federal bureaucracy as well. Loss of position and benefits should be included in penalties.

Withdraw from the United Nations and repudiate any treaty or regulation which is in conflict with America’s Constitution. Restore and protect our sovereignty.

Move welfare operations out of Federal jurisdiction to states. Make earning a living through honest work a more desirable personal objective than sloth. Restore America as the land of opportunity for all citizen where success is earned.

Develop and implement energy policies which will result in energy independence without subsidies. Consider all energy resources as viable.

Get the Federal government out of the Education business. Work toward returning education as local and personal responsibilities.

Rewrite the rules that govern the relationship between the Executive and legislative branches. Insure that there are always adequate reviews of executive appointment before appointments are confirmed.

Rewrite the operating rules of the legislative branches to reduce the effect of partisanship. Eliminate seniority as the major element in selecting leadership. Make government political employment a service rather than a royal appointment. Impose legislative term limits.

Initiate penalties for budgets that are not timely and which do not include surpluses to pay down debt.

Require that the limits set in our constitution form the basis for our foreign policy. Reject international consensus when that consensus is formed by powers who are unfriendly to America. Do not accept any dilution of our sovereignty.

Require that all citizens and prospective citizens comply with laws based on our constitution. No exceptions religious or otherwise.

And there are many more. It is important to remember that these individual items are only parts of the larger objective. We should not compromise the larger objective to achieve something that is merely a component.

Drive a stake through the heart of partisanship.

The principles involved here should find their way to state levels. At this point there is only one candidate who fits the pattern we have described. Ron Paul. So, what should our strategy be,

Support Paul to the fullest. If he is the candidate, WORK for his election. If another person like Santorum becomes the candidate. WORK to elect him. And apply every pressure possible to have him support the Rule of Law and our Essential Liberties.

Because of the separation of powers, the Chief executive is only one part of the solution. We should be selecting and supporting candidates for legislative positions who will support a return to the Rule of Law and Essential Liberties without compromise. From a practical point of view, we can exercise far more control over who is nominated and who is elected as a member of either house than we can the president. Both with our money and our work.

The most important thing we can do is become involved. Work for our nation, the Rule of Law and for our Essential Liberties. And for the essential Liberties of our children and grandchildren.

Our Republic, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law were created to protect our individual natural God given rights to life, liberty, property and opportunity from the oppression of the majority.

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