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The Tragedy in Florida and the National Tragedy

Jim Darlington · Mar. 26, 2012

Here’s what I get from glancing at a quick Google search of “Racial Murder Statistics”.

Please look harder if you want more exact info, but you can get the jist with a ten minute search.

We have about 15-20,000 murders a year in the USA, the dead being roughly half white and half black (Hispanics are not a “race” and fall about 2-1 in the “White” category as entered in the various coroners’ records.) So Blacks are 10% of the population but almost half of those who get murdered.

So we need a race war to make it right. Right? Jesse, Al and Louis all think so, more or less out loud, and Barry pretty much gives it a wink and a nod.

Well, actually, there’s really no need to call for one…we’ve already got several!

There is a Black on Black Race War that accounts for about 95% of the Blacks being slaughtered. Say between 14-18,000 a year. The other 5% are killed by Hispanics, Whites and an occasional “Other”. That would be between 7-900 Blacks murdered by non-Blacks on an average year. I’d venture a guess, though I did not find a stat, that most of these are Hispanics hitting Blacks where their turfs overlap, and the drug trade killings are color blind, because separations between lower socio-economic groups of whites and blacks are generally more distinct. (Chalk that one up to me guessing, but remember, you too can google!)

So maybe 2-300 Blacks are killed a year by non-Hispanic White people. Or 600 or 800 hundred…

The percentage of those that were racially motivated is your guess. (The problem with attributing “Hate Crimes” is that you need an MRI of someones thought patterns and no one’s invented that yet) But I suspect it’s almost nill. There’s a million other reasons people kill each other. Whites killing Blacks has pretty much gone out of fashion. You can tell that’s true because when one verifiable race killing does occur the mainstream media screams for months about what a nation of racists we are. As long as the victim is Black, of course.

Which brings us to the Black on White Race war that accounts for about 7% of all murders or about 15% of all the Whites getting slaughtered. That would be 2,500 to 3,000 dead whites a year at the hands of the Liberals’ “victim race”.

The national media doesn’t seem to be hyperventilating about these murders. No banner headlines, no stories closer to the front page than section B, no reports on the 6 o'clock news, no marches, no Strikes or Walk-outs or Sit-ins. No calls to action. No public display of grief. No Presidential expressions of outrage.

How many of these murders are racially motivated? A third, a half, three quarters? How many Liberal Politicians and Media talking heads owe their careers to stirring the racial pot proclaiming Black Victimhood? Urging Blacks to be angry and not to let up!

Jesse Jackson today proclaims “There is a War on Blacks!”

Here’s the Truth folks.

There is indeed a War on Blacks

It is prosecuted consciously and intentionally by the very Left-Liberals who pretend to be their champions!

Do some Google searching of your own and find out what percentage of Planned Parenthood clinics are in Black neighborhoods across the USA.

I promise that you will find the numbers to be appalling if you have a scintilla of conscience remaining.

Almost 25 million of the 50 million plus babies murdered since Roe vs. Wade in ‘73 have been Black babies!

Do some more searching and find out what has happened to the Black family in the last few decades, and try hard to connect the dots between its near total destruction and Liberal welfare policy.

“Oh look at this! If we pull this Lever of Power we can pretend to help, while utterly destroying! How amusing! We can decimate them and own them at the same time.”

Look at what LBJ said when he signed the Great Society bill. “We’ll own these N—-s now for the next 50 years.”.

Look at the worst ten cities for crime and despair in America…run by Ultra-Liberal Democrats for decades, every one of them!

Look at unemployment in the Black community under Obama. It’s off the charts!

None of this is important, you understand. Just keep moving along folks…nothing to see…

Do you think I might be a Racist?

I love the rainbow.

I love that God made different types of humans, every one of them glorious and magnificent in their own potentialities.

How do I see Blacks in America?

I see them as an absolutely wonderful part of the creative force of a free people.

I pray for the days when they finally cast off their chains and start seeing, as a whole people, how the Liberals hold them in a penultimate contempt and how the children of Racist Democrats smile at them and perpetrate actual genocide upon their community.

While pointing at the true freedom lovers and crying “Murder!”

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