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Different Ways to Skin the Political-Financial Cat

Murray T. Bass · Apr. 25, 2012

No matter who the Republican Presidential candidate may be, the issue of fiscal responsibility must be dealt with. The irresponsible wild spending political cat has to be skinned. Mitt Romney’s rise does not bode well for fiscal responsibility or for limited government based on enumerated powers. As President he would not curb extravagant pseudo entitlement programs. He would not eliminate unconstitutional departments. Liberal media has reassured us that Santorum’s candidacy has moved the GOP to the right. However, Romney’s dominance has moved the GOP much farther to the left.

What do we do?

The only candidate who shares Essential Liberty values is still Ron Paul. We continue to support him. Give him as much strength at the convention as possible. His strategy of personal commitments from delegates may pay off. For those of us who might be concerned about his age, don’t be. We need his policies. We will be far better off with Paul for two or three years than with Romney or Obama for four. Paul represents a return to fundamental American values, whether he survives a full term or not.

But, to give ourselves the greatest chance of “skinning the political-financial cat” as possible, we need to elect as many Representatives and Senators who share our view of Essential Liberties as possible. People who believe in fiscal responsibility and limited government. People who will hang tough and not compromise with the go along to get along establishment.

We must stay focused. And turn that intense focus into positive results. A prerequisite to this is our own reaffirmation of commitment to Essential Liberties. While it is important that Obama be defeated, it is critical that we build majorities in the House and Senate that support Essential Liberties. That must be our prime objective. Support our candidates financially and actively. I am supporting candidates in and out of my district and state. I hope you are too.

The consequences of keeping our focus can be to restore Congress as the controller of purse strings. A Congress supported by an agreeable Senate. Brakes on whoever is President. And brakes on the spending of Congress as well. Those attitudes and resulting policies are a necessary prerequisite to bringing Fiscal Responsibility to our government.

If you are thinking that’s all that can be done in the skinning of the political debt cat, you would be wrong. There are other ways. One of them is defined in a book about International and American Banking. The book, “Vile Acts of Evil, Volume One Banking in America.” The Author is Michael A. Kirchubel. He develops a detailed history of the results of having private, wealthy folks control the money supply of nations for profit. The ability to create depressions, recessions, even wars to make profit. Interesting. But for me, the most interesting part of the book is the description of the consequences of having America’s money supply controlled by the privately owned Federal Reserve System (Surprised?) Costs to Americans are huge in interest payments made to the Fed to borrow our own money. The “Cure” Kirchubel suggests is very simple and seems to make a lot of sense. It could work with proper oversight and restraint. Some of the key element are: First, buy the privately owned interests of the Fed at market value. Now about $450billion. Over a period of time, at no interest expense to the nation, pay off our debt with funds we create (print). The major change is ownership. Banks who borrow money would pay interest to the Nation rather than to private interests. The money supply would be controlled by managing the reserve requirements imposed on banks. Kirchubel estimates America could be debt free in 5 years. I have not examined what, if any, impacts the current banking system has with overvalued inventories of mortgages . Nor have I looked at the possible effect of consumer reluctance to buy (lack of confidence) and reduced tax base because of widespread unemployment.

Details to follow. Kirchubel’s book, Vile Acts of Evil, is available from Amazon and other book sellers.

There are no magic solutions. In order for ideas like this to work, our government has to be operating under sound fiscal policies. Obviously our desire to “do good” has resulted in the opposite effect. Permissive attitudes toward illegal immigrants has had a devastating effect on the ability of citizens to find jobs. A problem that can be solved by enforcing the law. In combination with making basic changes to our welfare policies. In America, people are not “entitled "to anything but the opportunity to succeed. That is, unless they have paid for a real entitlement like Social Security or basic Medicare. Our welfare policies, no matter how well intentioned have had the opposite effect. We have created dependency. We have de-motivated people from seeking opportunities to succeed. We have made doing nothing more profitable than working to build families and futures. That, too, must change. Dealing with the illegal immigrant problem will give us the opportunity to help citizens become independent and productive.

Congress holds the key in its ability to control funding. If we make it unattractive to remain, illegals will go home. All the elements to solving our economic problems are there. All we have to do is have the courage to use them.

In short, if we hang in there with Ron Paul, stay focused, support Essential Liberty candidates, seek innovative solutions like those suggested in Kirchubel’s "Vile Acts of Evil” book, clean up our immigration and welfare acts, we can win the day. We can do it if we try. No one else will do it for us.

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