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Good Guys, Bad Guts, Big Money and Impeachment

Murray T. Bass · May 22, 2012

Disposing of the illusion that the conservative movement is the darling of Corporate America, here are a few facts.

Obama’s campaign fund is going to be many times the size that of the Republican Candidate. Most of the money is coming from Corporate beneficiaries of Obama policies and from their employees. Much of it is coming from their unions. How big? Estimated to reach one billion dollars. High profile contributors of course are the morally defunct entertainment industry.

In California politics, unions have now openly required pledges of support for their objectives as a condition of financial support. The same is true of Planned Parenthood. Less open but just as true for national politics. PPUC: Political Prostitutes Under Contract. Those are the nice words.

In order to hide the truth of who their support really is, the Socialist Democrats are putting up corporate straw men as the bad guys opposing the “welfare of the people.” Welfare is an appropriate word. The real “good guys” are being painted with black paint. No racist connotation intended.

An example? I frequently hear references to the Koch Brothers as the financiers of corporate greed. Here are some facts about the Koch brothers, Koch Industries and Koch Family Foundations.

Koch Industries is a great economic engine which employs more than 50,000 Americans here in the United States. In addition, it has been calculated that their suppliers employ another 150,000 as a direct result of their purchases. Revenue is estimated at $100 billion annually. The company’s policy is to invest 90% of its profits back into company operations to insure continued growth. Better managed and far better performance than the Federal government.

The Koch brothers endorse and financially support “Economic Freedom.” They define “Economic Freedom” this way: “It is the Key to greater economic opportunity and improved quality of life. It’s the freedom to choose how to produce, sell and use your own resources while respecting the rights of other to do the same.” That is based on the belief that free societies are the best generators of social progress, sustainable prosperity and well-being for all. They believe that free markets are better regulators than government. They oppose “cronyism.” Firms and individuals colluding with government to get forced benefits – the benchmark of the Obama Administration.

The Koch’s are the Good Guys of America’s business world and politics.

Our present governments believes it knows best how to use our resources by spreading the hard earned wealth of productive citizens among the indolent, profiting from the widespread “Cronyism” that permeates the Democrat party and the Obama Administration.

The Liberal-Socialists complain that the Koch Brothers have given more than $100 million to “Right Wing Causes” such as the Tea Party Movement. Compare that to the $1 billion in the Obama campaign fund contributed by Crony’s and special interests such as Government unions. $100 million for freedom versus $1 billion for regulation and government control.

It is true that the Koch brothers strongly support the Constitution and its function of protecting individual rights from the “Tyranny of the Majority.” Those who complain that the Koch family is opposed to “democracy” forget that the constitution specifically and intentionally is a “Republic” which limits the right of the majority to impose its will on individuals.

Do they support Traditional American Values? A look at the Koch Family Foundations will tell us.

They give to deserving charities who manage worthwhile causes. One of the important areas of support – the largest – is cancer research. As I read their website, It appears they have given $1.5 billion (that’s right, billion) to cancer research. David Koch is a prostate cancer survivor. The philanthropy of the Koch Family is so diverse that it is difficult to do it justice in this commentary. Google Koch Family Foundations for a larger view. In the meantime, what can we do?

The most important and effective action we can take is to build strong majorities in both House and Senate. We can help achieve that end by creating Articles of Impeachment for Obama. He has engaged in so many falsehoods an violations of his oath of office that it will be clear to most folks that he is not morally competent to lead our nation. His actions are at least subversive. His telegraphing our strategies to Muslim enemies may even reach a level of treason. It doesn’t matter if, because of the Democrat majority in the Senate, he might not be convicted. Every day something new comes into view: Bribery to get Obamacare. Getting the evidence in front of all the American people can squash his effort to be reelected. Should be easy. It is well established that treaties do not and cannot super cede the Constitution, yet he has used NATO and the UN treaties to justify violating the Constitution. Lawlessness. Intentionally violating the law resulting in the deaths of citizens; constantly bypassing Congress – review news reports and the congressional record. The information is there, we just let it go by and forget about it. And, there must be many, many things that the general public is not aware of.

What else can we do? Win majorities in both houses and Supermajorities if possible. A little money from each of us, some time on the telephone and some door to door contact with our neighbors is something we really can do. It can be done.

Finally, we can meet the lies with truth. For example, tell the truth about folks like the Koch brothers and stuff their lies up their noses. Most of the Demosocialist material is made up of clever fabrications that won’t stand the light of day. Shine the light on them every time they lie. Every time. Every time they mislead, shine the light. We, you and I, can do that. And shine that light on the good guys like the Tea Party and Koch Brothers and the other patriots we know. We can do it.

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