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No Way Out for the Constitution

Jim Darlington · Jul. 5, 2012

I recall a severe letter of scolding Davy Crockett received from one of his constituents while he served in Congress. He had voted, I believe, for a token of support from the federal government for a group that had been struck by a natural disaster. The citizen addressed him squarely and harshly, accusing him of being one who had betrayed a great and hard won principal of Liberty.

Financial benevolence, it was then widely understood, was not a role permitted the Federal Government, but one appropriate to the private citizenry, or to the Churches, or to the States, should they be so foolish. The all too well known arrogance of Kings, who could tax one group to buy the support of another, was generally accepted as an onerous thing, defeated in the victory that was the establishment of the United States Constitution.

The Judeo-Christian Commandment against theft was deemed therein to have been honored. The societal balance between the Christian precepts, of individual responsibility on the one hand and Charity on the other, were held to be sacrosanct. And the government be damned that would dare to subvert either one.

How far we’ve come.

Davy Crockett was said to have been humbled and accepted his chastisement.

Chief Justice Roberts seems, profoundly, to be less the man than our erstwhile buck-skinned hero…

We should work with all we have to elect Romney. We must. But we should have no illusions. Bless him if he surprises me. But he strikes me as a man who would delight in long conversation with Justice Roberts, both lost in the thrill of vanity’s mirror, complimentary souls, a couple of brilliant guys sharing that rare uber-wisdom, that sets them so completely apart from the common thoughts of the huddling masses.

Having elected Mitt Romney, we should then spend the next four years building a new party within the Republican Party…call it the Conservative Republican Party or the Constitutional Republican Party or the Republican Revolutionary Tea Party. Whatever’s agreed. Separate…but within.

Allow Republicans to join who will swear allegiance to the Constitution as it was written and as it was intended. Require an actual Oral Test to gauge the Constitutional understanding of any would be Candidate desiring to enjoy the support of this new Party within a Party. Set up a separate Fund! I don’t give to the Republican Party! But I’d give to this! And limit support to a portion relative to the tested ranking of their grasp of the principals of our Constitution as being Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, or Democrat…a Dollar, a Quarter, a Dime, a Nickel, a Penny!

Allow Republicans to join who will dare to Lead in re-claiming the American absolutes of Liberty, Self Sufficiency, and Christian Charity.

ObamaCare is simply the last and latest of a hundred years of Legislative travesty.

Every Governmental Act that has sought to take from these in order to give to those is an act of thievery, a betrayal of the virulent capabilities of the people, a vile displacement of the sacred impulse for acts of individual charity, another link hammered into the chain of oppression. Without these Principals remembered and given new life we are now and will end up choosing between the fast and certain road to Tyranny traveled by the Democrat Party and the slower, meandering, pretentious road, leading just as plainly to Tyranny, as offered by the current Republican Party.

Allow Republicans to join who will commit heart and soul to the aim of reducing Federal spending to those objects deemed appropriate by the Constitution and to those alone. Determine that, for a nation largely reduced to Sheepdom, the replacement of most Taxes, for a single stop-gap generation, with mandated Retirement and Medical Savings Accounts, may be necessary, if a better way cannot be found. Forgive me Lord, for even thinking it. I might not be let into my own good idea.

Allow Republicans to join who will Pledge not to confuse the virtue of Liberty with the sin of License.

“For the Children” chant the Demonicrats. We must re-define that as a nation. Pedophiles must be quarantined in places entirely absent of children. Pornographers must be taxed 100% or keep company with the Pedophiles for any instance of evasion. DOMA must be enforced. The Homosexual Special Rights agenda must be defeated. Especially in the schools. Parents must become the sole purveyors of sex education. Education must be re-invented entirely out of the reach of the criminally corruptive hands of the teachers unions. It must contain strong moral elements as determined by the parents. Marriage and fidelity must be taught as the surest honest road to happiness. Just ask the parents if they’re OK with that! The parents must have the final choice about where their children go to school.

Allow Republicans to join who will demand that for Religion to be free of Government, Government cannot be free of Religion, who will fight every single PC intrusion and interference with free religious practice.

Allow Republicans to join who grasp that Liberty and Tyranny cannot co-exist. The suppression of Communists is the appropriate task of we who love Freedom. The elimination of Jihadist Muslims from our 50 States is essential to our future. Both of these tyrannical political ideologies seek the destruction of our freedom and of the faith of our fathers with which our freedom is inextricably bound. Hate America if you please. Hate the faith that birthed her. Hate God. Hate Christ. Hate his Commandments and Precepts. You are free to. But if you act upon your hatred or urge others to do so, let it be known that we have an unashamed and strong hand. It is not too much to insist that the place of Communists and Jihadis might be greatly restricted in the public square? CAIR should be outlawed. And Communists should have no right to public office or influence.

The beauty of America is that we are not a flat earth society. We are here by virtue of the recognition of Earth’s roundness.

The Godless world we are trailing off into is the flat earth. It is a world without interest or drama or hope. It is a world of accidents relieved of all responsibility.

It is a world of indifference to all but the most pleasant hum of self importance. It is a world without obligation. No hell, no Godless place to fear, no Heaven to long for. No Creator to thank. No Salvation Glory to be celebrated. No reason whatsoever to love.

They wrote a Constitution, our great Fathers did. They loved God and they loved freedom and they hated the chains and stripes of Tyrants.

No thank you, John Roberts. May you awaken to shame.

It's Right. It's Free.