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SCOTUS Decision Sharpens Our Focus - What Now?

Murray T. Bass · Jul. 5, 2012

Saving America by building strong majorities in both the House and Senate has been our objective. Then came the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. What must our objective be now? Saving America by building strong majorities in both the House and Senate. The decision confirmed and reinforced the absolute necessity to take control of legislative procedures and the purse strings.

The fact that Justice Roberts voted with the majority is just an unnecessary distraction. The vote was 6-3. Roberts vote was not the deciding vote. Forget it.

What SCOTUS did tell us was this: If we want to get rid of Obamacare, we have to do it the same way we got it in the first place. Legislatively. We have to have the House and the Senate repeal it. And replace it if that is what we want to do. But it isn’t going to happen unless we stop complaining and put our money and our actions where our mouths have been. And do it now. Here’s how I see an action plan developing.

First, each of us must become a messenger for saving the nation. Tell our story to all America rather than to each other. Preach to the world, not just the choir.

Next, support Mitt Romney if he becomes the Republican Nominee. Conservative Senator Rand Paul has given him a qualified endorsement. He is infinitely better than Obama. And he has pledged to work to repeal Obamacare. Rand Paul’s endorsement should be good enough for us under the circumstances. What other options do we have? Support Romney through our personal networks. Support him publicly. Support him financially. But save time and money for gaining control of the Senate and getting a super majority in both houses.

I have done and am doing something in this election I have never done before. I am supporting candidates outside of my own area. In my own political environment, (Liberal Northern California) with a few exceptions, I stand little chance of getting Essential Liberty candidates elected. But, if some of those few are elected, it might just be the votes that make saving America possible. I am supporting John Dennis who is opposing Nancy Pelosi in the fond hope that some miracle will take place. She shouldn’t take reelection for granted. John Dennis is a Ron Paul Republican. We have a candidate who has a great chance of defeating Democrat Poster Boy John Garamendi. Her name is Kim Vann.

My real effort and support has been for those candidates supported by Rand Pac and other legitimate conservative organizations. I do that with what little money I have, writing letters and by networking with my friends. Both Republican and Democrat. Not every Democrat is completely partisan. Some really give a damn and just don’t know what is the right thing to do. It’s up to us to help them find the right answers by direct contact; with reasonable, thoughtful letters to the editor; and by delivering information in a friendly, non -contentious way. If you believe in something, you should be willing to tell the world about it. You’ll feel good about yourself when you do.

What’s that you say? “Easier said then done”? It’s not as hard as you think. The secret word is “join.” Look around and see who is already working to save our Essential Liberties. Then Volunteer. There are a lot of Tea Party Organizations. Join. There are a lot of conservative action organizations. Join one or more. Find the ones who are doing things rather than just talking about the issues. At this point, don’t spend a lot of time, energy and money on single issue groups, even if you believe in their causes. Remember that our objective is to save ALL of America’s Essential Liberties. Burning you personal assets up on just one might be self defeating.

I may be a little unusual. I get many, many messages every day from different conservative organizations and individuals. Those messages that endorse candidates who are known quantities and endorsed by folks who are committed to Essential Liberties I file in my “Action to do” folder. Then, I write a check (small). You will have to do your own research in your own way. But, do it and become that small factor that makes the difference in whether the right person is elected. You can be the difference.

I can’t remember in my politically active lifetime when the atmosphere for restoring our Essential Liberties has been better. The momentum is growing. Not just the Tea Party, even though they have become the catalyst. Major groups who have been just observers in the past are now active. Heritage Foundation once was just policy. Hillsdale College has joined the fray as have many others. We need to be a part of that momentum. We need to be an active part of the return to Essential American values.

How many folks do you have on your contact list? I have several hundred. I am not ashamed of what I believe. I am sharing my honest convictions with my contacts in a non-contentious way. Delivering the facts in a way that is not politically correct. Just the facts. I don’t care if I offend a few. I would rather offend than be silent. There are so many folks out there who have been fed lies and half truths. They need to be told what is true. Over and over again.

So, wont you join me? Support Romney so that we can have a sympathetic Executive with our Conservative Congress and Senate. Seek out those Essential Liberty House and Senate candidates. Support them with money, time and effort. Speak to your friends and the community about Essential Liberties and how important they are for us, our kids and grandkids. Be one of the new Sons and Daughters of Liberty.

Together, we can restore America.

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