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10 Reasons to Vote for Romney-Ryan

James Atticus Bowden · Oct. 22, 2012

Mitt Romney is my last choice for a Republican to be President. Ryan is among my first choices for a Republican to be Vice-President. Voting for the team of Romney-Ryan, RR, is vital to save America. Vote for RR in the most important election since 1860. Hold RR accountable from day one in office. Here are ten top reasons to vote for RR:

  1. The Rule of Law. Repealing Obamacare is the first vital step to preserve the Rule of Law – and our Republic. The individual mandate – and personal tax for doing nothing – are a direct assault on the Constitution. Giving the Federal government such power means there is nothing the U.S. Government can NOT tax. Likewise, forcing Christian organizations to violate their pro-life conscience attacks our Freedom of Religion. RR will restore the Rule of Law – it’s essential to our Republic.
  2. Taxes: Increasing taxes - by not renewing the Bush tax cuts – attacks jobs. Adding the many taxes in Obamacare will kill more jobs. The economy will go back into Recession – and maybe into Depression. RR will extend the current tax rates. They won’t raise taxes. They will cut corporate taxes to make businesses more competitive – and create jobs.
  3. Spending: Obama’s spending doubled the National Debt. Obama increased the debt almost as much as all of the Presidents before him – added together. The US is going bankrupt. Bankruptcy will destroy America. RR will cut spending. RR will reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid entitlements to make them viable. It’s a necessary first step.
  4. Energy: RR will increase energy supplies, which lowers energy prices. Cheaper energy saves capital which creates jobs. RR will approve the pipeline from Canada – with its new jobs. RR will make the US energy independent once again. RR will support coal production, not attack it with regulations.
  5. Defense: RR will reverse Obama’s massive Defense cuts. Obama is throwing 80 thousand soldiers out of the Army – reducing it by over a fifth. Our Army will be smaller than it was before the Korean War. RR will not signal weakness. The US will stop the appeasing.
  6. Presidential Powers: From the Czars in the White House, to the take over the auto corporations, to selling weapons to drug lords in ‘Fast & Furious’, to pumping money to contributors who bankrupt ‘green’ industries like Solyndra, to more Executive Orders than all Presidents combined, to ignoring Court orders and Congressional oversight, the abuse of power is growing from an imperial Presidency to a dictatorial Presidency. RR will obey their limited powers.
  7. Obamacare: RR will repeal Obamacare. Republicans will replace the key provisions, like protection for pre-existing conditions, that help. RR will prevent the Federal government from taking over one sixth of the economy – and ruining it. RR will keep socialized medicine from destroying the best quality healthcare in the world.
  8. Supreme Court Nominations: The Supreme Court is one Obama justice from a Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Sharia-compliant majority. Such a majority may make up ‘law’ as bad as Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade – that lead to Constitutional crises across America. Justices will destroy the Constitution when they’re supposed to uphold it. RR will nominate Justices to preserve the Constitution.
  9. Jobs: Obama claims months of job growth when three times as many people stop looking for work for every one worker who finds a job. Obama’s economy grows at a meager 1.2% putting millions more Americans on food stamps, in poverty and out of work. RR will grow 12 million jobs. It’ll take growing $6 trillion in capital. RR’s 5 point plan will do it.
  10. Diminishing America: Obama apologized for America, bows to foreign leaders and appeases militant Muslims. He is no friend to Israel. His timetable to retreat from Afghanistan insures surrender to the Taliban. His cuts to the military will cripple American power. Obama’s destruction of the American economy is our downfall.

Turn out, turn out, turn out is needed to beat the cheating at the polls. Please turn out and vote for RR. You are voting for United States of America.

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