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If There Is a God

George Rogers Clark · Nov. 14, 2012

With a juicy sex scandal, a cover-up of the Benghazi attack, resignations of high government officials and all the other big news in the mainstream media, what else could capture your attention? How about a revelation of the root cause of all that is wrong with America? Would that do it? What if I throw in a challenge to enlist you to help make a difference? What if I can tell you how to possess miraculous power, power that can help change the world for the better? Stay with me:

If there is a God, the essence of good, then there must be a Satan, or Devil, or the essence of evil by some name. You do not need a PhD in Philosophy to know that the age old battle of good vs. evil is more than a conversation piece. If you have observed life through a clear lens of reason it should be evident that certain people and events throughout history were embodiments of evil, bent on the destruction of the good. Evil that is bent on the destruction of good is source-level evil; far more sinister than just the natural, sinful nature of mankind.

I believe there is a God. Accordingly, I believe that good can be defined as the blessings of God (the gifts He gives that contain an essence of Him). Good is also represented in those who are blessed by God as recipients of His Grace as they have aligned themselves with Him, and He has aligned Himself with them.

Taking that one step further I may perceive that all good is aligned with God and all evil is aligned against God.

If I have ruffled any feathers with the above, stop and think. By definition, only atheists can argue with it, so far as I have come. Only atheists believe there is no God. There it is. Really think about it.

If there is a God and government in America continues to take a stand against religion, especially Christianity, by the repeated violations of the First Amendment mandate for free expression of religion, then I see government as aligning itself against God, or standing on the side of evil.

Secular Humanism should have no more right of free expression than Christianity. For government to make Secular Humanism the default standard of religion and the superior to Christianity by the protection of the one and the suppression of the other is clearly a violation of the First Amendment. Our government has aligned itself against God.

For me to lead you further toward a point of an actionable conclusion, we should agree on certain things. If you love your political ideology more than truth and reason you will not want to go there. However, if you love liberty; if you profess patriotism; if you love truth and reason; if you love to be inspired by higher thought, I plead again, stay with me.

*The things we should agree on are these: *

1.) If there is a God there can be only one. More than one is simply illogical.

2.) God is infinite in all His attributes and all His nature. He is: infinite love, infinite power, infinite knowledge and intelligence, infinite everything. He exists in the past, present and future at the same time. God cannot be less.

3.) If there is a God, then God’s law must be superior to man’s law, because God as creator is superior to man, the creature.

4.) Because there is a God, mankind can always have hope that the love and power of God might be accessed to bring us, his beloved creatures, into the light of His wisdom and guidance that we might be saved from our self-destruction.

Early this morning I watched the rerun of yesterday’s Bill O'Reilly show. I heard Mr. O'Reilly use the term, “S.P.” or “Secular Progressive.” In the arena of current thought the term makes more sense than ever before. They can no longer be just liberal or progressive, but now they are secular progressive. Sometime in the past three decades “progressive” came to be known as a term describing far more than “forward-thinking.” At the same time it became clear that most progressives had adopted a secular stance that affected their essential perspectives regarding religion, especially Christianity, and government.

Secularists might argue that they are neither for nor against God, but the actions of secular progressives in government clearly indicate their true alignment. Again, the record shows that they are suppressing religion, especially Christianity, while protecting secular humanism.

The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” –Psalms 14:1

There is a God. Every person of clear conscience knows it is true. Even the secular humanists know it is true. They are not fools. However, some parents are failing to teach children the source of truth and hope. The affect we see is expected. Government, institutions and major network media are aligning with secularism. For some, political ideology is becoming religion. The results should not surprise us. More Americans are trusting in their own gods.

The reactions I observed after the election form the basis for my personal revelation of the current problem in America. That revelation points to my suggestion for solutions. In some cases, the winners were dancing in the streets with exuberance. The emotional responses were so extreme, so ecstatic that they appeared to think they had been “saved”. The losers were in shock, depressed, appearing to have lost all hope. One gentleman wrote that it was “the end of civilization.” Clearly these extremists among the winners and losers had put their faith and their hope in politicians and political parties.

I am a conservative and consider myself a patriot. I believe politics are very important. I believe the election of leaders is a vital part of the exercise of liberty and the protection of liberty. But, the bottom-line is now in bold-italics; the writing is on the wall:

There is a God and our faith and hope needs to be in the Lord. A large majority of American people need to be aligned with the Lord as a priority. We can continue to vote our conscience at the polling places, but we need to be certain we have elected the Lord as our Hope and our Redeemer. America needs a spiritual revival like we have never seen before. Believers need to pray for revival and work for a better America. Americans need to download a free copy of the Constitution from the Internet and study it. Come to know and love the liberty and protection of law the Founders envisioned for us. Vow to protect that precious document against all violators.

If you still consider yourself a non-believer I must ask, if there is a God, why would you want to stand against Him? Why would you want to exclude yourself by choice from the love, power, protection and wisdom of Almighty God? Changed your mind? You know what to do.

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