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I Believe, I Believe

George Rogers Clark · Nov. 30, 2012

The best pastor that I ever had once instructed me, “George, faith is not being able to say, ‘I believe’. The Lord is the Author and Finisher of your faith. It is not what you do, George, but what He does. If you will trust in Him, He is faithful to build in you the faith you need for every circumstance.”

To one who believes in Grace most of all, it made perfect sense. And, considering the tumultuous journey my life has been, I am so glad the pastor was right.

This is not my affirmation, written for myself. This is written for you. It is meant to inspire you. Or, as we say in church, it is meant to “edify” you. I am an old man. I have learned a few things. One of the things I have learned about communicating ideas to others is this:

If you want to entertain someone with your words or ideas, lead them down several paths and let them get whatever they want from it. Give them all the fancy footwork and poetic prose you desire. But if you have a message to convey that is meant to convince or inspire them, “I believe, I believe” is a powerful way to embrace the topic and the reader/hearer of the message. I found that I can speak with far greater conviction about important topics if I just cut to the chase and open my inner-self up with, “I believe.”

Yes, revealing such deep introspection to others is sometimes emotionally difficult. And yes, to do so will certainly invite criticism. Accordingly, I only use the “I believe” expressive device when the message is urgent and my compulsion to serve makes the risks acceptable.

*Since you have read this far, I know you now want me to say it. Here it is:

I believe that I believe. I believe a patient and loving God performed many miracles in the lives of George and Barbara Clark. They were not all instant and magical miracles, but a few were. I believe He chose to prepare us for the coming storms; to stand firm with us as the storms lashed about; and to strengthen and comfort us until the storms subsided and moved away to find other shores to batter. I believe the Lord has remained with us, because He knew the storms would return.

I believe America is the greatest nation to ever exist, and yet, we are on a downward spiral. But I believe it is not too late to save America. I believe we need new, responsible and conservative government. I believe the evident corruption in politics is a symbol of what is wrong with the rest of America; a clear case of the blind leading the blind.

To reduce deficits and debt, I believe our federal government must cut spending and concurrently increase tax revenue, not tax rates. I believe a higher taxation of the rich is a path to reduction in overall tax revenue, as the wealthy will certainly pull back on investment, causing a further economic decline. The idea of “redistribution of wealth” is bait to deceive suckers and fools.

I believe the current focus on welfare and race is a diversion from the more central causes of America’s deficits and debt. I believe that focus is divisive at a time when all liberty-loving Americans should be united.

I believe that, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” –Ephesians 6:12

I believe America, even the whole world, needs a new Great Awakening, a spiritual revival beyond any before in history. How will we conquer the awesome challenges before us without the blessing and help of our awesome God? Why would we want to try?

I believe the answer for America was delivered in past millennia. I believe America has never needed it as much as we do today. The answer is in the Bible, 2 Chronicles 7:14. It is God’s own word for the healing of a nation. You may already know the passage. But, if you do not, please look it up. Its worth is immeasurable.

I believe America is a Christian nation. Those who first came to these shores were Christians seeking to escape tyranny so that they might prosper in material and spiritual bounty. I believe that the momentum toward a secular society that we have seen for several decades is an affront to the Lord. I believe that secularism is a rejection of God’s gift of grace. I believe a turn back to God is the only hope we have; a much needed revival the only path that will secure our future.

I believe the religious pluralism established by our Constitution has become the foundation of the new, undesirable, secular society; a society that was not intended by the founders of the nation and writers of the Constitution. Still, I believe America can be saved without alteration to our Constitution. I believe the burden lies on the Christians who desire to “take back America.” I believe we must do our part to achieve a revival, win converts, and lead by example with acts of courage.

I believe the American spirit, born of a love for true liberty, and lifted on the wings of faith, once made us a great nation. I believe the liberty American patriots still honor is of a special and unique nature. I believe the unique quality of our liberty has caused many Americans to hold fast to the understanding that “freedom is not free.”

I believe the faithful, proud and pugnacious remnant of true American patriots will be the engineers driving the freedom train of tomorrow. I believe the freedom train will be striving to reach a place called, “Liberty and Justice for All.” I believe the train will not be destined for a utopia created by man’s efforts. I believe the Lord will deliver those He has chosen to His utopia, according to His plan, and in His time.

I believe the “sword of the spirit” is more powerful than the cannon of the confused. I believe the “deceiver” is the enemy, not our friends and neighbors who have been deceived. The deceiver’s promises of utopia will not be fulfilled. He tempts us to surrender liberty, piece by piece, in return for promises that he has no power to fulfill. I believe we must have the courage of faith and stand firm against the deceiver, whether he appears as man, or as devil.

I believe the brave and faithful acts of patriots must begin in earnest, now. Deficits and debt could crush America in a very short time. No longer can we wait for the next election. Politicians elected by the deceived have deceived themselves. They are no longer useful. We, the people, the proud and pugnacious American patriots, must pick up our swords and fight. With the sword of the spirit, let us seek to engage the enemy on all fronts. When a new majority of freedom-loving Americans are united in purpose, then perhaps the politicians will listen.

God bless America.

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