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Save America Now

George Rogers Clark · Jan. 4, 2013

To “Save America Now” could not have been their real purpose. The politicians passing the fiscal cliff deal must have had another target. They missed the one people wanted by a mile.

Is anyone surprised that the failure to avoid the fiscal cliff resulted in tax increases? Are we surprised that the spending cuts are too small to measure? Can Washington even spell “fiscal responsibility?”

The answers to the above are “no” and “no” and “no.”

What are those sounds of weeping and the gnashing of teeth that I hear? Pick up your sword and fight. Perhaps now Americans will see what they should have seen all along. Politicians of this nation are not being responsible. The people of this great nation must be responsible. We must unite and save America now.

Talk is cheap. What can we do? The next election isn’t until 2014. But is casting an occasional vote our only job? If we are going to save America now, we must start now.

We have to do something. The following are some suggestions:

1) The politicians think we are asleep. We have to provoke ourselves to a righteous anger. We must likewise arouse our family, friends, neighbors and associates. We should be mad as hell. We should not take this any longer. Are you tired of talk? Then do something. Pick up your sword and fight. Save America now.

2) The politicians think we believe their lies. They think we can be bought with government handouts. We must spit on the lies. We must refuse the handouts. We must show that we love our country and will defend her. We must show that we love America more than political parties or ideologies. We must save American now.

3) The president thinks he has a mandate. He won reelection by only 50.7% of the popular vote.

We must change the hearts and minds of only 2% or 3% of the voters. In this polarized world that can equal a land-slide. A 2% change could save America now.

4) The deceived are not our enemy. Our enemy is the deceiver. We must recognize this and act accordingly. The deceived shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free. We must be dispensers of truth, not hate.

5) To change hearts and minds we must seek the help and blessings of the Lord.

We must arm ourselves with truth, knowledge and history. Put on the whole armor of God. Pick up your sword and fight. Fight to Save America now.

6) To change hearts and minds we must share the truth, expound our knowledge, and reveal true history. We must meet, preach, talk, mail, email, write, publish, and video. Our forefathers did it on horseback. They tacked words on paper to walls. They stood on stumps. They spoke in the streets. They shivered in the snow and rain.

We have mobile devices. We have computers. We have the Internet. These are our comm devices. And these are our weapons. Pick up your sword and fight. Save American now.

7) The politicians have offered bread and circuses. They think they have coddled us into complacency. But we are alert to their impeachable acts. We see the deceitful, hidden purpose in their progressive agenda. We will not surrender our liberty.

8) The political class thinks they have bought time with their new deal. But we knew the fiscal cliff was another trick of distraction. Their time has run out. They have made our job easy. 

Our message can now focus on that one unconscionable failure. They have ignored the $16 trillion debt. They have ignored the $1.1 trillion annual deficit. We will not ignore their failure. We will save American now. We must save America now. We will speak the truth. We will write the truth. We will spread the message. We will overcome.

9) The politicians have ignored the impact of the debt and deficits on our national security. Our national security is at risk now. Our future national security is at risk now. Apocalypse is visible on the horizon. The essential mandate for the federal government, its purpose for existence, is national security. The public servants in Washington consider themselves rulers of the people. But the truth is that the people rule and politicians serve at our will. It is constitutional law. Fiscal failures and security failures cannot be accepted. The voter demographic of America will change. The truth will be heard. We will save American now.

10) Let us again declare ourselves free men and women. Over the next two years let us prepare and present New Freedom Documents. We must become radically proactive. A new Declaration of Independence could be drafted. It could be a platform upon which we could pronounce our grievances against the failed federal government of the USA. It could be a platform from which we could call for a second constitutional convention.

It is the opinion of this writer that we can save American now. These ideas enumerated above are simple but powerful ideas. But even powerful ideas are merely mental exercise. To save American now we need action now. The audacity to engage these ideas will prove the people still have a voice. It will force the public servants to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

What can you do right now? You can lead and direct every Tom, Dick, Harry and Harriet you know to this webpage. We must begin to build our army of courageous patriots. You can make phone calls. You can send emails. You can write letters. If you have a blog of your own, or know anyone who does, get something posted. Post “comments” on blog sites you visit. Do it now.

It is a humble beginning, but to get started, subscribe (it’s free) and post some comments at

Murray T. Bass started this grassroots movement a few weeks ago. With an inspiring essay at the Patriot Post, Murray challenged his readers to do something. OK, Murray, we are doing something. George Rogers Clark blogs at

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