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Big Wheels Turning

Jim Darlington · Jan. 22, 2013

Surely the sun will rise tomorrow. Of some things we can be certain. Right?

Well, no, really. The sun moves through space but that has nothing to do with its daily appearance over the horizon. The whirling earth brings us out of shadow into the path of the sun’s brightness each morning and back into shadow each evening. The sun will not rise tomorrow at all. It will be just were it was but as we spin into its glare it will seem to us to rise. We’re moving at something that approaches a thousand miles an hour, near the equator, without having the slightest sense of it.

I am horrified by what I see happening to our country. I wish I could liken it to a rising sun. Half a million delusionals in DC today seem to think so, but I can’t share their enthusiasm. I can only hope to be wrong in believing that we are watching the twilight hour of these United States. I really don’t know. How many fools were caught up in Y2K? What happened to those jokers warning us that the dollar was soon to be replaced as the prime currency of international trade? Two years later, instead of an imminent financial cataclysm, halving our wealth and leading to civil upheavals and mass starvation, the very same seers are wooing their subscribers by predicting an economic explosion from the immense new discoveries of oil and gas within our borders.

I am qualifying myself as a non-expert. One day I’m nodding my head grimly at the latest signs of the end-times. The next day I’m impressed with good reasons to remember that only the Father knows the day and the hour.

The only thing smart about me is that I’ve grown old enough and been wrong often enough to know how little I know. The one thing I do know with any certainty, is that there are bigger wheels turning in this world than our subject purview clearly senses.

This is one I’ve been guessing at. Parallels may have no causal relation. But I think of this and wonder. Your impressions and opinions will be appreciated. This is today’s thesis.

1) Ronald Reagan came to office with an intent and a rough plan to destroy the USSR. He was not confused or faint hearted. He was playing to win. And he ultimately won, his efforts finding fruition at the Soviet collapse shortly after he left office. The long and over-simplified short of it, was that he saw, in concert with some of the finest geo-political analysts around, that their economy might implode if they were pushed into an excessive frenzy of spending. A massive increase in U.S. Military spending took place under Reagan, along with a huge exaggeration of the impending success of the “Star Wars” program, with its potential for eliminating  the Mutually Assured Destruction factor, which had stood as Russia's sure protection from nuclear attack  As predicted, and as intended, the Soviet Union launched an unsustainable spending spree, which ultimately led to the Great Fall of Communism.

2) The “Great Fall of Communism” was a tad over-rated. There were tremendous opportunities to support positive developments that a real Statesman might have realized. Clinton saw none of them. The break-up of the USSR began with the expression of many genuinely democratic urges and the opening of vast KGB archives afforded us incredible insight into the past successes of their Information Ministry’s propaganda. We learned that their greatest pride attached to the effectiveness of their campaign to turn America against the War in Vietnam. We may well have done it all quite well without them. But the fact is that we didn’t. Their direct and concerted efforts, through a combination of agents, sympathetic leftist organizations, proxies, useful idiots, and even a future Presidential candidate, succeeded in convincing an effective majority of Americans, that this particularly critical fight in the war against communism was a cruel colonial aggression in the service of the rich. So there is precedent for today’s thesis.

3) The Soviet Union is gone and the Russian Republic is smaller and perhaps more manageable now, and is currently led by the former head of their KGB. Any past difficulties with Red China have been resolved into a solid alliance. We have forgotten and so we assume that the Russians have forgotten. But they have not forgotten. We destroyed their empire. We defeated them. No bloodshed? No harm, no foul? We can think what we want, but surely they do not see it that way at all. The question is, what form does their vengeance take? How successful is their counterstrike? Or do we imagine that again we’re doing it all on our own?

4) We now face a broad array of near Stalinist Leftists and Islamic Jihadists. They have all always been and are now still dedicated to the destruction of our nation and our liberties and our leadership role in the world. They have now taken the White House. And kept it in spite of the appalling failure of every policy of the last four years. And we are watching a great parallel. Before our eyes we are watching an obscene orgy of spending past any measure of concern for our future. And vast portions of these multi-trillion dollar budgets are being diverted to enemies within and without. Could it now be that “as intended”, the United States has launched an unsustainable spending spree, which may well ultimately lead to the Great Fall of Capitalism?

The Collapse of the USSR slowed the march of tyranny. The Destruction of America will end the last best hope of free men. I don’t think I’m being too paranoid. I think I’m just drawing some lines between some very big dots. And I think that there are wheels turning that are bigger that what we can plainly see.

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