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A Well Regulated Militia and Leftist Lies

George Rogers Clark · Jan. 22, 2013

“Well Regulated Militia” should not be hard to understand. The 2nd Amendment may be fully understood by an examination of the original document which was amended.

Leftist lies have surrounded the 2nd Amendment since they first began attacking gun ownership. It is convenient for them to tell lies, and unfortunately easy. The subject is not well known or understood from factual resources. The left only adds to the misinformation by telling their lies which go unchecked. The big lie for many years has been around “A Well Regulated Militia.” Is the militia the people? Or is the militia the state or federal government?

It is easy to disprove the lies intended to disarm the people. I disproved the “big lie” in a short time, with Google. First, allow me to state the big lie. We must know what we are disproving:

The Big Lie: “A Well Regulated Militia” refers to a state or federal military force. The term as used in the 2nd Amendment does not give people rights to keep and bear arms.“

There has been much said about this. Why did this become a focal point for me today? It was an email. We all get them. Someone forwarded something to someone else and it eventually got to me. The original was written by, "Ken.” Ken is an American patriot. But I do not know him. The content of Ken’s message about “A Well Regulated Militia” caught my attention. It did so because Ken said this:

The way to prove the intent of an Amendment is to look at the original document, before amendments.

This is another case of the sheer brilliance of a simple explanation.

Still, it was just an email. Quickly I decided to research. I understood the concept, but I needed the detail. I found some important references. They are listed at the end of this essay. The most valuable, of course, is the original document itself; before amendments. The “find” command on your web browser program can really speed up research.

*My synopsis of the “Well Regulated Militia” issue is this: *
The original draft of the constitution was sent to the states for ratification. Several amendments were required by the states before they would ratify. As most people know, these became known as the Bill of Rights. The 2nd Amendment was required because in the original document too much power over militias was given to the president, a federal office. The states wanted their rights and the rights of the people to be superior to the federal government. The USA is a Republic. State rights are intended to be supreme.

In the original document, Article 1, Section 8, the word “militia” is used 3 times. In each mention it originally gave militia power to the Federal. In the original Article 2, Section 2, the word “militia” is used again giving powers to the federal, or president.

The idea of a Well Regulated Militia of the people predates the American Revolution by hundreds of years. On behalf of their citizens, the states protected the historical interpretation of “militia.” After the necessary amendments, the constitution was ratified by the states.

We have in the amended and ratified constitution a perfect clarification of the right of the people to form their own militias and to keep and bear arms.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. –2nd Amendment

We can understand the 2nd Amendment by looking at the original document to see what was amended.

Right now I can hear a distant rumble of contention. Some are saying that I am just a right-wing Nazi. How are my defenses of the 2nd Amendment any better than their attacks? I welcome the question.

I believe that voiding guaranteed individual rights by liberal interpretation is wrong.

The Declaration of Independence says that we have “unalienable rights” granted by our Creator. Among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I believe it is essential that I be prepared to protect my life, liberty and pursuit at a moment’s notice. The police response times average a little over 9 minutes. In that span of time a maniac can reload several times.

The liberal lies regarding a Well Regulated Militia follow a discernible pattern. They use a tactic made famous by the Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels. It goes like this: Tell a lie. Tell a big lie. Tell it often. And they call me a Nazi.

While on that theme, allow me to say I do not understand how these tactics work. This is a modern age. We can assimilate information at an astounding rate. With the Internet, mobile devices and well-stocked libraries at our disposal, why are people uninformed? Those and many other resources are at our fingertips. It seems some people are more interested in American Idol than the future of our nation. They probably could not serve in a Well Regulated Militia.

Perhaps I hold my opinions because I believe. I believe that I have a God-given responsibility to protect my family, property and even my neighbor. I believe that responsibility to be greater than my right under any of man’s laws. The idea of a Well Regulated Militia may be as old as the ancient Hebrews.

I believe the future of the nation is important to the future of our children.

But wait, that appeal may not work. Abortion in America has reached the point at which we call it, “infanticide.” The number is estimated at 1.3 million annually. And the same politicians supporting infanticide, to get votes, are the ones who want to “protect children” by taking away legally owned guns. It is shameful.

The right of a Well Regulated Militia and the right of the people to keep and bear arms compliments God’s law. That is why I advocate the protection of the 2nd Amendment. Liberal lies, no matter how they are spun, cannot offset the truth. The truth is within easy reach. Those who care need only to reach.

To change the course of America, I believe we need more than politics and votes. Many of America’s ills are deep-rooted spiritual ills. To change the course we need the help and blessings of God. America must turn from secularism and turn back to the Lord. We need a miracle. Jesus Christ is recorded as the Miracle that does miracles. “Lord send a revival; and let it begin in me.”


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