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George Rogers Clark, Ted Weiland and God's Laws

Murray T. Bass · Feb. 1, 2013

George Rogers Clark is good at writing commentaries which are inspiring. The commentaries tend to be thought provoking as well. On January 14, 2013 George posted a commentary entitled “Non Compliance: I Will Not Comply.” The commentary was about President Obama’s proposed controls on citizen’s ownership of firearms.

George forcefully points out that God’s Law is superior to man’s law. Or as George wrote, man’s law is secondary to God’s Law. God’s Law defines things in terms of man’s responsibilities rather than rights. In this case, the responsibility to protect family, property and one’s fellow man. We are, thus, being obedient to God’s Law if we do not comply with Obama’s proposed laws. George and fellow Theological scholar Ted Weiland provide more than ample Biblical references in which God defines man’s responsibilities. This is a remarkable commentary. If you haven’t read it, do.

As I said earlier, the commentary is also very thought provoking. What other responsibilities do we have that our government has taken away, is taking and proposes to take? Our faith – when and where we can pray and the imposition of the faithless religion of atheism on us; our moral responsibilities – the murder of the unborn and the invasion of parental responsibilities involved in raising our children morally in a moral environment; our freedom to speak – we are required to be politically correct or be racists or hate mongers; our economic freedom and responsibility to provide for our families – severely limited by law, regulations and taxes and the invasion of Illegal foreigners; and so many others. I am not a scholar. My faith is based on what I believe to be my personal relationship with our Creator and the loving guidance He has given me. Among other things I am an avid patriot because of that guidance. It’s a personal matter as all faith is. Others may not agree. But that really doesn’t matter.

As George would say, with all “rights "there are parallel responsibilities. At Independence Hall in 1776, 56 men of faith unanimously stated, "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Among, but not limited to these rights. Maybe I should have added “responsibilities.”

This is a new reminder of how deep we are in trouble and what I believe we must do. We quickly forget the unpleasant. Over many years – generations – politicians and bureaucrats have systematically assumed our rights and responsibilities, some so quietly we haven’t even noticed it. Now we find ourselves in a position where we can’t protect ourselves, our families and our property without becoming by “man’s” law, criminals. We have lost our freedoms – God given responsibilities – without noticing.

So what do we do now? I believe there are several things we must do. First, I believe we must recommit ourselves to God’s Law and the responsibilities which accompany it. I believe we must identify those responsibilities that government has taken from us in order to chart a course of action to recover them. We must follow George’s advice. Be obedient to God and refuse to comply with the laws, regulations and social pressures which have stripped us of our responsibilities. We must organize ourselves so that we are more effective. We must recognize which courses of action will not or cannot work. We cannot expect congress to restore our responsibilities. Through such folks as Ron and Rand Paul (bless them), I have been asked to contact congress for one reason or another. I have done that and sent money to help. All to no avail. And our experience at the election box has taught us that there is no solution there. The establishment is too moneyed and fraud has become another issue. For some reason our conservative leaders don’t have the ability to learn from experience. They keep trying the same old things in the same old way with the same old results – talking about it or writing about. Doing something is the human way to avoid unpleasant necessities. We need to solve the problem now. Our government is run by traitorous officials bent on destroying our Republic. We have to rid our nation of the traitors, then reform our nation by restoring our constitution’s original intent. What can we do? First be obedient to God’s Law, peacefully. Simultaneously, we must expell the traitorous officials peacefully through a new Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Convention. Changes in the Constitution might include severe penalties for willful violations of oaths. Penalties should include prohibition from ever holding political office again and from ever being or controlling a lobbyist.

I advocate a new Declaration as one way to restore America. There may be other, better ways and I am open to them. I am certain that something has to be done quickly or it will be too late. As I have said before, The New Declaration would assemble a documented of charges and indictments against President Obama and Congress (complicit) replacing the charges and indictments against King George in the original Declaration. It would be the vehicle for ridding America of its self-serving traitorous leaders. (I say traitorous based on the fact that the consequence of their actions is the destruction of the Republic.) The heart and soul of this bold action would be, as George has advised, compliance with God’s Laws.

That’s how I see the situation as it is today. I am fallible, but we are in real trouble as a Republic. We have lost all of our checks and balances. It is my heartfelt wish that there be an effective, painless way to solve our problem. I thank Heaven that George has suggested following God’s Laws as the basis for finding a solution. If anyone has other better thoughts, please tell me. Tell us.

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