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The New Dimension to the Threat of Islam

Murray T. Bass · Feb. 18, 2013

The greatest threat we are facing as Americans and Christians is Islam. I believe the new dimension to that threat is Barack Obama. The major political parties are complicit through their neglect. Obama has consistently supported the Muslim Brotherhood. He has supported the overthrow of non-Muslim leaders. He has sought to replace them with deadly Islamic leadership who dominate the people with fear and the threat of death. The solution is worse and more freedom stifling than the problem.

• He failed to authorize additional protection for our diplomats in Benghazi after increased security had been requested many times. That failure resulted in the death of 4 loyal veteran diplomats.

• He is providing advanced military weapons to Islamic regimes resulting in an increased threat to Israel and the non-Islamic peoples of the area.

• He entered a war without he consent of Congress – a war in which we had no direct security interests. The obvious reason for doing so was to help the Muslim Brotherhood in their takeover efforts – efforts which have been highly successful in earlier supported uprisings.

• He has consistently assisted the enemy in Afghanistan by publicly announcing new American strategies so that the enemy might prepare for it – or wait us out. He prohibited troops from firing on targets in villages, making them sitting ducks for enemy gunfire.

• He has allowed an estimated 70,000 Muslims to cross our borders illegally and has made no effort to find and deport them. Official estimates of illegal Muslims residing in The United States exceeds one million.

• He has excused Muslims from complying with provisions of Obamacare.

His acts have consistently favored Muslim interests over those of the United States.

Have you read the Quran and accounts of the history of Islam? Islam is a false religion based on the writings of a false prophet using a self-created false god. Islam was created by Mohammed about 1400 years ago. Allah was transformed from a moon god of Mohammed’s tribe (one of approximately 350 being worshipped by Arabs at the time.) He created Allah in his own image. Mohammed was a gang leader whose gangs attacked and robbed villages, killing the men and raping the women. The Quran has many references to Booty from these raids and that Allah should be given a share of the Booty. Mohammed considered women as property whose role was to provide pleasure to men and bear children without pleasure for the women themselves. They were and are now sexually maimed. While they refer to it as female circumcision, cutting off a female child’s clitoris is far more than removing the foreskin from a male’s penis. It is designed to deny women pleasure in sex. Women are typically excluded from services at the mosque, relegated to household duties. Women are stoned to death for adultery while men are allowed to “marry” prostitutes temporarily. Men may have up to 8 wives. Men are allowed to “buy” infant girls to become their wives. The marriage must be consummated by the time the young girl is 9 years old. If the man returns the girl to the family, she may be killed to salvage the honor of the family. As they say down South, “And them is Islam’s good points.” The bad points follow:

Islam openly declares in the Quran that its objective is to be the only religion in the world governed by Sharia, Islamic law. Jihad is one of the “pillars” upon which Islam is built. Every Muslim has the obligation to practice Jihad either as a warrior or in some other way. If they do not they become identified as hypocrites, just as are Christians and Jews, subject to death. Jihad is not a choice. It is an obligation. Also any Muslim who rejects Islam is subject to the same penalty. Muslims must remain loyal to Islamic law. Consequently, they cannot integrate into American society because they cannot pledge allegiance to or to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Muslims are permitted to lie in the interests of Jihad.

Look around America. Look and see literally thousands of pockets of Muslims who are not permitted to integrate into our society. They are living here under Islamic law. Their “religion” is not as much a religion as a system of laws. These groups are aggressively pursuing the “right” to live under Islamic law instead of constitutional law, or local laws for that matter. We are gradually being overcome by a theocracy which has vowed to kill us or make us pay a fee to live under their rule. Christians and Jews are specifically marked for death.

Did you know that the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a puritanical Islamic theocracy governed by strict Sharia law? Picture yourself under the absolute rule of a village Mullah, the female members of your family sexually maimed, your daughters purchased for marriage in infancy and their marriage consummated before they are nine years old. No education for females and only the Quran for males. No value for life. That is fundamental Islam. That is what is in store for our grandkids if we do not protect ourselves from it.

So what do we do? I think we have no other choice than to believe them when they tell us they plan either to kill us or keep us as fee paying slaves. That has been their plan unchanged for 1400 years. We must seek them out and deport them if they are not citizens. If they have actively refused to obey our constitution and oppose it instead of defending it, we try them and convict them of sedition, subversion or perhaps treason. Immigration quotas for Muslims should be zero. If oppressed Muslims in other countries need safe havens, help them find refuge in other Islamic countries. But not here.

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