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This Question Demands an Answer

Edward J. Brown · Apr. 22, 2013

While we are all relieved that the two terrorists in Boston have been stopped, many questions remain that hopefully will in part be answered by the surviving terrorist. There is however one question that is extremely important, but it might never be raised.

At a time when America was waging war against tyranny the people were greatly divided. Some favored a Revolution that would, God willing, result in their Freedom. Others were satisfied with being subjects of the British Empire. The majority, however, were indifferent and chose not to take a stand. At stake was Liberty. They felt they could live under either system of government.

Founding Father Ben Franklin made one of his many bold statements on this issue. He said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

With the rise of terrorism, we are now the people who will have to struggle with that question. There are some offering to provide us with more protection if we will just surrender more of our liberties. As frightening and costly in human life as were the tragedies of 9/11 and now Boston, when the government or anyone else offers us safety in exchange for freedom the human tendency is to surrender our freedom. If we do so, as Franklin warned we will be less free and no safer than we are now.

There is no law that can be written that will prevent a determined terrorist from striking. With the excellent security we have today many, but not all attempts can be intercepted and prevented.

As we move to the trial of the surviving terrorists and gather as much information as is possible that will hopefully answer many questions, this one question remains and only the American people can answer it. Shall we in hopes of being safer surrender more of our freedoms? What if we do and Franklin was right. We then have less freedom and are no safer than we are now.

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