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A Difficult Question to Answer

Edward J. Brown · May 13, 2013

In light of all the scandals emerging from the Obama Administration, has the question changed from: “How do we fight to keep our nation a Republic?” to “How do we oppose the Tyrannical government that now is actively at work seeking to silence all opposition?” Few aspects of our lives are free today from government dictatorial rule. The brave men and women willing to fight for our freedom have being treated like pawns in a chess game. They can freely be sacrificed so long as the king and queen are protected. Pray continually for them in hopes that soon we can give them a Commander and Chief who truly values their service to their country not to mention their lives and families.

But what can all of us do to non-violently restore our government while facing strong opposition from our leaders who have made a mockery of their Constitutional vows, sworn when they assumed their duties, but have failed to keep?

What can we do to those fellow citizens who are only looking forward to the parks and beaches officially opening Memorial Day weekend? What can we do to educate the voters who vote “D” or “R” giving little attention to the persons name and character that follows?

How can we educate voters to become more self-reliant, and not sell their votes for government handouts? Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was asked following the adoption of our Constitution, “What have you given us, Mr. Franklin?” Ben replied: “A Republic… If you can keep it.”

The Republic is under attack. Have we already surrendered it? Are we sitting by as it is being taken from us? Or is there still a chance that we can restore it? Only you and I can answer that question.

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