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Who's Really to Blame?

Edward J. Brown · May 17, 2013

It should be clear to anyone taking the time to pay attention that our Government is presently in a state of chaos. We are facing more scandals than we have committees to investigate. The famous line from the cartoon Pogo suggests: “We have met the enemy and the enemy is US!” Hearing that is not very complimentary, but let’s examine it more closely. After 4 years of growing debt and little if anything to show for it, the majority of the American People decided to give their chosen failed leader another 4 years in hopes he would finally succeed. Now we are having our patience tested as he continues to improve his golf game, but has yet to demonstrate any oversight of the government we foolishly entrusted to his care.

Next in line for blame are the Senate and Congress which we once again elected and while their approval rate varies from 9% to 12%, in 2014 we will vote to return 90% of them to office. Do we feel sorry for them? Out of the goodness of our hearts do we believe everyone deserves a second chance? Some have been reelected for 10 or more terms and their ineffectiveness continues.

That brings us to ourselves. Have we the people done our jobs as voters? Have we kept ourselves aware of what goes on in our government? Do we care? The only reason we are still free is that enough of us do care and do our best to keep informed in spite of the fact the truth is becoming very hard to come by.

The Founding Fathers called for limited government. Our President desires big government. We are now discovering that his big government can grow so big that it is impossible to manage all that transpires. We invite those who do not wish our country well to slide in under the door and do their dirty work unnoticed. So while we are pointing our fingers at our elected officials remember who put them there. Be concerned that many of our fellow citizens and voters are uninformed and have little desire to keep informed. We are truly a divided nation caused in large measure by the administration that we elected to unite us. And we show no desire of cleaning up our acts and coming back together. Pogo was right.

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