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Put Up or Shut Up: Part One

Murray T. Bass · May 21, 2013

Solve the problem. What’s so hard to understand about that? We spend time and effort telling each other what the offenses are and how bad they are. But, we don’t look beyond those symptoms to the problem itself. Sure, we should work to contain the damage being done by a tyrannical President and his despotic government. But, it is far more important to stop the creation of those problems at their source. Find a way to get rid of Obama and his prostitute complicit Congress – both parties. The evidence is piling up. There can be no doubt that all branches of our government have abandoned, no, are destroying our constitution and the Rule of Law. They have trashed the God given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness along with our unfettered rights to property and to self determination. We sit on our pot seat, complain and do nothing.

There are two recent examples of arrogant tyranny that should make us wake up and get up. Feigned or real ignorance by Obama is no defense. Every Executive Branch department has violated the law and Constitution. He has permitted those things to happen – almost certainly, encouraged them to happen. Incidents are too pervasive to be accidental.

The first real typical example is the IRS as an intimidating strong arm tool of tyranny. In a letter to a friend, Ginny Rapine, the Nor Cal Tea Party Coordinator, relates their experience being targeted by the IRS. Here are her own words.

We applied for our 501©4 status in March of 2010. By August we received our first request for more information. I gathered all that they asked for and shipped a medium sized box to them. From that time until January of 2012, in spite of numerous phone calls, letters and even our accountant sending two letters, we were left hanging in limbo with no response to requests for information on our status. In the letter of January 2012, the information they requested included 19 different items with as few as 3 and as many as 9 bullets under each request. What was more difficult was that I was given two weeks to get all of this back to them or they would cancel our request.

This made me mad so I got to work. They asked for names, addresses and phone numbers of all our members, our list of donors and all of their contact information. (none of this did I supply, however since our status does not require that this information be given.) They wanted every e-mail we had ever sent out, transcripts of every speech made by any speaker whether at a meeting, rally or special even. What books did we recommend? What politicians had been at our meetings or events? Had we distributed materials, if so, what and provide examples?

Had we ever done “voter education activities” or registered voters? Provide copies of all advertisements we had done. What legislative bodies had we communicated with, when and where? Were we associated with any other non -profit groups, and, if so, who and provide their information. Tell of all fundraising activities. Names, addresses, phone numbers of all board members (nope-didn’t get it.) What other organizations do we associate with and on and on and on it went. After over 3000 pages of information, books, constitutions, teddy bears and binders, I sent it off and they received it two days prior to the deadline (February 13, 2012)

By Summer I still hadn’t heard anything and now we were going through a personal audit so I contacted Congressman Tom McClintock. Congressman McClintock gave a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives on behalf of NorCal Tea Party and then wrote a scathing letter to IRS noting many violations they had committed against us. Three weeks later I got a call from Ogden Utah, not Ohio, and was told that they were pleased to tell me that we would be receiving our approval.

Congressman McClintock asked if I would be willing to testify in DC to the House Ways and Means Committee if needed. Absolutely!

This scandal has legs and will not die. More and more good Americans are stepping up, willing to testify and tell their story. The more we can share this, the better off we will be.


Ginny Rapini
NorCal Tea Party Coordinator

That’s Ginny’s story of intimidation of the NorCal Tea Party by Obama’s IRS. If it weren’t for her tenacity, their request would have been terminated. One has to wonder how many conservative and Tea Party groups didn’t have her “sticktoitiveness” and had their requests declined? And what effect those denials had on the 2012 presidential election.

If you had a similar experience or know of some who did, contact Congressman McClintock and copy Mark Alexander so the information doesn’t fall through a crack. And remember, too, this is just one of many, many tyrannical, despotic actions by the Obama Administration. They’ve failed to protect our people from illegal immigrants. People forget we aren’t just talking about Hispanics. More than 70,000 Muslim potential terrorists are here illegally as well. Look the other way. Remember Fast and Furious; active support of killing babies; limiting Christian practices of our service people; nationalizing health care; legislation against free speech; breaking the law with invasion of privacy and limiting free speech; the AP mess. Every American is or has the potential to be monitored right now by government with the technology in place. As Ginny says, “and on and on and on.” How much of tyrannical waste do we have to have piled on us before we say, “That does it. I’m not going to take it anymore”? It appears to me that we have all been neutered and don’t have what it takes to fight for our country. Talk, talk, talk. Well, folks, it’s put up or shut up time. Put up or get off the pot.

If we won’t do it for our country, maybe we’ll do it for our kids and grandkids. That’s our second recent example.

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