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Put Up or Shut Up: Part Two

Murray T. Bass · May 22, 2013

Now they are taking our children. When they are done there will be no memory of America as a Republic. The Federal Government will own our kids.

We are standing by and watching government take our God given rights and responsibilities. We complain some. But we are letting it happen. Political correctness and “hate” legislation have muffled our free speech. Parental responsibility for feeding our kids and providing moral and ethical guidance has been usurped by arbitrary definitions of poverty and “diversity.” Government has created pseudo “rights” for children that override real parental rights and responsibilities, with rights to pray and be patriotic erased by regulation. We no longer have a right to privacy with government’s capacity to monitor everything we do without warrants or permission. Every Federal department has violated law and the Constitution blatantly and openly. Congress has watched and done nothing. They might have prevented and controlled the demise of our Republic by defunding the offenders. It is their constitutional responsibility. Now we are seeing the final program to give government complete control over the lives of all citizens now and in the future. The program is called Common Core State Standards. It is a program to place complete control of America’s education system in the hands of “progressive” politicians and bureaucrats – people who believe our nation is a Democracy rather than the Republic our Founding Father created; people who believe our constitution is a “living document” rather than “original intent” as the basis for the Rule of Law. The intentions of some may be good, but that doesn’t matter. These are dangerous people.

Martin Luther King , Jr. said in his “Strength to Love” missive (1963), “Nothing in all this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

To insure that readers are neither ignorant nor stupid about Common Core, here is a link to information about the program: Also, you can contact the leadership of Citizens United for Responsible Education (CURE). CURE can help you help families of America.

Christina Michas ([email protected]) heads the Palm Springs Patriots Coalition and is President of the Eagle Forum of Palm Springs. She devotes her time to stopping Agenda 21. Common Core is the Education face of Agenda 21. Her telephone number is 1-(760)-408-0845.

Dawn Wildman ([email protected]) heads the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition and is California Coordinator for Tea Party Groups. She is also coordinator for The National Citizens United for Responsible Education. Her telephone number is 1-(619)-606-0337.

There are two particularly disturbing and dangerous things about Common Core State Standards. It’s not just that they “dumb down” standards of many states and are completely inflexible. Districts and states are prohibited from changing the standards. As serious as those flaws are, they are minor in comparison to what I consider to be the two major ones.

First, they substitute “informational text” for classic reading material This substitution allows them to insert mind changing propaganda into the curriculum – just as did Hitler and Lenin. The ultimate result will be citizens who know only what the government wants them to know – government “truths,” whether those “truths” are real or not. Government robots.

Second, the program is designed to do “data mining” of your child to uncover and store more than four hundred personal and family facts. This data mining allows the government to create a profile of your child , you and your entire family. All without your knowledge or permission. Such items as your church membership, political affiliation, health and many other non-educational facts. These items are to be used to make career decisions for your child. It’s a huge unconstitutional invasion of your privacy. More scary are the different ways they might use that material. I am both scared and angry. I hope you are, too.

But there is hope. Local districts and state legislatures are responding to public pressure to reject Common Core. That’s where you and I come in. You can make a difference, as others have. What I have done personally is make sure that every school board Trustee, Superintendent and every newspaper editor in my county has the link to I do not want any one of them to be able to say, “Gee, I’m sorry … I didn’t know that.” I’m trying to make as many people as possible aware of the program and its consequences. With the non-profit I founded and head, Tools of Learning for Children, I am also actively helping kids learn to read – something the public school system has not done well. I am also looking for alternative ways to educate our kids. For example, Professor Steve White is conducting a series of webinars on math called “Math Soup for Scared People.” The cost is $10.00 for as many folks as you can crowd around your monitor. The next scheduled webinars are June 18th and 20th at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. I understand Professor White has some helpful ideas on how to take tests. I plan to participate in at least one of the programs to increase my ability to activate.

But that’s me. I have just scratched the surface. I am trying to do the things that an 85-year-old blind guy can do best from home. You can do a lot more than I can. Christina Michas has the right idea. First you educate people. Once educated, then you help them get activated. Now that you know what’s going on, Christina and Dawn can help you to become activated and join the fight to save our kids and grandkids, and in the process, help save our nation.

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