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Dismantling Our Independence

Edward J. Brown · Jun. 7, 2013

It was the 4th of July in 1776 when 56 men huddled in a room stepped forward one by one to sign the Declaration of Independence. In doing so they knew full well they might also be signing their own death warrant. Nonetheless they signed what was a Declaration of War against the tyrannical English Empire that ruled over all aspects of their lives. The Declaration of Independence that day in July was just a vision  of a new nation with liberty, freedom, and justice of all its citizens. Their success on the battlefield would determine if their vision was ever to be realized, but they all agreed they could bear the chains of tyranny no longer.

While human failures have not always kept us faithful to their guiding principles, they gave the People an Amendment procedure so we could correct any injustice. It served us well in bringing an end to the tyranny of slavery and granting women the right to vote. While there have been periods of contention and disagreements ever since, We the People have enjoyed Liberty, Freedom, and Justice on a scale so great we have been the envy of the rest of the world.

Is it not ironic that those who fought and died to preserve our independence from tyranny are being challenged today by our present administration to surrender our freedom in favor of returning to tyranny? Obama spoke of Transforming America. He never told us into what and we never bothered to ask. Now we know. Should he not be able to accomplish his ideology and impose it upon the rest of us, History will not treat him kindly.

What would our Founding Fathers think if they knew the Liberty and Freedom they won for us was not being transformed today, but overturned, taking us back to when we were the subjects of tyrannical rulers? Our President and his Senators and Representatives in the Democratic or better put Progressive parties and some Republicans and Libertarians as well as the main stream media have allowed their power to go to their heads. They wish to rule the American People rather than represent us.

After all these years where we have been enjoying our Liberty and Freedom, why now would our leaders prefer to drag us back in chains to July 5th and reestablish tyrannical rule? Sadly they won’t tell us. Our job is to remain silent as they come closer and closer to their takeover of our Republic. Let us be silent no longer!

A second Revolutionary may well be necessary to reverse this transformation. Rather than another country subjecting the people to their rule, this time the war may involve the Government verses We The People. What has yet to be seen is if our generation has the willingness and determination to fight if need be, to retain the freedoms and rights we have enjoyed up till recently. Hopefully the faith and moral fiber of our Founding Fathers has made its way into our hearts also.

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