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Blank Check

Anton D. Rehling · Jun. 13, 2013

Editor’s Note: This article was originally composed in 2009.

I am one of the organizers and am the permit holder for the 2009 4th of July Independence Day TEA Party in Olympia, WA. Like many Supporters of the Tea Party movement I have been working to have a redress of grievances with our government long before Rick Santali’s rant about it is time for another tea party and then Glen Becks response to Rick Santali’s rant. The movement was born and has taken on a life of its own mostly because millions of us are at the end of our rope and a little national media attention was all it took to mobilize the conservative population under a common banner.

In my opinion, there is no one that owns the agenda of this movement; it encompasses many different people with numerous issues. All issues that relate to what should be a Free Constitutional Republic has value and merit to those who hold them, but there is only one common thread to this movement and it is not health care, it is not cap and trade, it is not government bailout and many other unconstitutional government programs and issues. It is about un-Constitutional government, it is about Freedom not freedoms. Ronald Regan said, “Freedom is not divisible you either have it or you do not!” I agree with his assessment. We need to accept that there are many issues in why many are stepping up to the plate to challenge an un-constitutional government and we need not alienate any supporters by marginalizing their issues and concerns as those issues will resolve themselves if we are able to bring this government back to the limits placed upon them by our Constitution and eliminate the government attitude that it can fold, bend and mutilate the document that limits their governmental activities.

WE also need to remember that this is not really about our government as the government the founders of this country put in place is not the problem. It is the people who hold office. They are the ones who have violated their oath of office and acted outside the authority granted to them when elected to office. The elected have ignored the limits placed on them to illegally expand their powers. There is little our Local, State and Federal government does that is authorized by the documents “we the people” approved to define authorized governmental actions. We as a population have allowed our government to act outside of the constitutional limits for so long it has embolden them to think they can promote any agenda they please based upon the sole fact they were elected. We are treated like sheep, owned, used or disposed of at governmental pleasure; we are not treated like a free people who instituted a limited government to protect our nation and to protect our unalienable rights and liberty.

Now is the time to demand those we elected to follow their job description or face the wrath of those they work for and represent. This will not be easy and it will take all of us to wrestle the power that has been illegally assumed by those who have no respect for the liberty that is our birth right. This is and will be my goal as a citizen for I have now written a blank check to the restoration of this country’s constitutional government, that blank check, will if necessary, include my life.

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